Sites for Should You Pay for Writing Contest?

Iíve heard a lot of chatter on the web saying things like if a contests charges to enter, itís not worth it. Iíve heard the same thing from message boards and facebook about magazines that charge a submission fee. The views that were expressed to me were a little disturbing, to be honest. From what I understand there is a school of thought out there that says you should never pay anything to have your work looked at, or to enter a contest...(Read More)



10 Sites for English Speaking Help

We get asked a lot, if we can put up some resources on learning to speak English. Many of readers are interested in this. So here is our answer. It is a start, more in the future. Click here for sites that will help you learn to speak English.

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How to Create a Successful Writer's Blog


Itís a no-brainer that writers need a presence on the web these days. Even the best selling authors have a place to showcase their work. Myspace and Facebook are two very good sites for developing writers to make it easy for people to access a writers work, but when it comes to writing on the web should a writer go with a blog or a website? Read more.


How to Format Your Manuscript

Here is a 10 part easy to follow checklist that we feel answers most questions people have when they are submitting a manuscript to a publisher. Click Here



How to Publish a Short Story

 Some writers will post work on their myspace or web pages and let 100s of people read it, but they are afraid to get 1 rejection from an editor. This is silly. Writing might be a lone process. We may be alone in creating our worlds, but sharing your writing with others is one of the most fulfilling experiences of the literary process. Read the article.


How to Promote Your Writing Even If It Hasn't Been Published


We all know as writers itís difficult to get our work out there. Here are 10 things you can do even before your writing has been published. Not in any order.  Read the article.


How to Submit a Poem!

For some the process of submissions can be a little overwhelming especially  for new writers. There is no manual for how to submit anything. However, here are 10 things to keep in mind when you are submitting poetry. Read the Article




Willa Cather On the Art of Fiction

Willa speaks on the importance of the art of fiction. This is a 1920 article from A Collection of Stories, Reviews and Essays. Take a look.










Edgar Allen Poe on Poetry

Poe talks about poetry in this article. It is a detailed look on his thought on The Poetic Principle. It is an interesting look into the mind of Poe and his views on his craft. Take a look.








On Writing

Find articles and essays on writing from the past greats. We have started a new series on our site On Writing.



Get a Short Story Everyday

We are posting some of the greatest short stories in history on our site. You can get these stories by email or by rss. If you are a writer all these stories are a must read! You can become familiar with writers who created and perfected the form. Stop by the site and sign up!



Should I Take an Online Writing Course?

If you are thinking of taking an online writing course or if you have written off the idea, here are some things to think about. Will it help? It can. Click here.



Make Money with Your Literary Magazine

Take some burden off yourself and make a little money with your literary magazines. This article addresses some general ways to make money on the web with a website. Click here.



Gain Confidence in Your Writing!

A few tips on improving your writing. If you need help in writing or just have trouble getting your work out there, click here.


The Pitfalls of Literary Magazines

Learn the headaches of starting a literary magazine or literary site. I've made a lot of mistakes, now I'd like to help you avoid them. Click here.



A New Blog from our Editor

All kinds of cool and fun stuff from the editor of EWR. You can get news about the site, news about the industry, and just news about the editor. Stop by Writing Sense.



How to Start A Successful Money Making Literary Magazine

My first online literary venture was Drunk Duck, in 1999. The magazine ran for 2 years and was very successful. It was so labor intensive that I simply got overwhelmed and gave up. This article is meant as a step by step on how to start a literary magazine. It is also meant to give you some things to think about, tell you mistakes that I made, and advise you on new developments that will help you. Click here.


Ebooks Beat Hardcovers

Wow. The Association of American Publishers reported, for the first time, in 2012 that Ebooks are selling more than hard cover books. Wow. For all those book lovers out there this should be some type of indication of what might happen...Click here.




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