Name: Silver Knight Publishing
Website: DEFUNCT
Editor: Charles
Mailing Address: Digital submissions only.
Circulation: 15
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time 2 weeks
Year Founded: 2012
Online Submissions? Yes
Online Submissions?1 Yes
Information about the press: Silver Knight Publishing is a traditional publisher of quality fiction, non-fiction and children’s books. We represent a broad range of genres from both established and new authors. Our acquisition editors are very selective in the books we accept and each submitted manuscript is equally given consideration, taking multiple factors into account. All books accepted for publication will be placed into the main distribution catalogs across the nation for purchase in brick and mortar stores and libraries. Books are also posted at major online retailers including and For more information, please contact us.
What type of submissions you are looking for: Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Mystery, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Historical Fiction, General Fiction
Information on Suggestions on Submitting: Please read our submission guidelines prior to sending a submission. We respond to all queries from 1 day, to 2 weeks on average.