Magazine Name: Steady Moon Press
Editor: Amanda Clark
Mailing Address: 537 Swiftwater Rd Woodsville, NH 03785
Circulation: 4-6
Submission Guidelines:!page4/cfvg
Approximate Response Time 1 month
Publishes: quarterly
Year Founded: 2012
Online Submissions? Yes
Online Submissions?1 Yes
Information about the press: Dear Book publishers: I was wondering if Steady Moon Press, a small publishing company of themed anthologies and poetic narratives could be added to your website list. We are opening for submissions the first of August for an anthology called, ?The Poet’s Word (poems about writing).? Submissions will remain open until a quality anthology is formed. We will also be accepting submissions in the future for one authored poetic narrative books. To find out more about Steady Moon Press, go to all submissions should be emailed to, thanks so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you, Amanda Clark
What type of submissions you are looking for: Right now we are only accepting submissions for the anthology, “The Poet’s Word (poems about writing).” Submissions should relate to the writing them and be in poetic form, prose poetry, free-verse, traditional poetry, are all acceptable. In the future we will also be accepting one authored poetic narrative book submissions.
Information on Suggestions on Submitting: You do not need to submit a query, just include a brief biography with your actual submission.
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