Name: Low Tide Publishing
Website: DEFUNCT
Editor: Heather Himes
Mailing Address: 3201 Mint Springs St. Fort Worth, TX 76179
Circulation: 10
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time 30-60 days
Publishes: monthly
Year Founded: 2013
Online Submissions? Yes
unsolicited?Submissions? Yes
Information about the press: Low Tide Publishing is uniquely positioned to collaborate with both authors and retailers to publish high quality literature and non-fiction. As an independent trade publisher in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, we work to build a relationship through investing in our collaborators. We believe that Low Tide Publishing is meant to encourage readership amongst all audiences, inciting discussion and provoking action. We also endeavor to entertain our readers with zeal. Our hope is to create a community of authors and readers who strive for greatness in all things, including the written word. In doing so, Low Tide Publishing is committed to working with existing resources and developing partnerships to make the process of publishing simple and efficient, leaving us to seek a deeper collaboration with both our authors and readers. Currently, we are seeking new submissions from both authors and literary agents.
What type of submissions you are looking for: We are casting aside the practical idea to pick a genre for a niche and instead aiming for high quality and building unique relationships between the author, reader and retailers to get a piece of market share. We?re hoping to think of it as ?literary community building? using a lot of integrated pieces, such as author blogs, author events, and more discussion and community-based web resources. It?s the hippie in me, trying to do an online commune in some ways. But, I?m really trying to tie together all the great digital and social media tools with traditional printing. Something that is a personal favorite that I seem to be on a pilgrimage to find though are narratives that have non-traditional structures or incorporate multi-media elements. Think: Train Man, which is written entirely in a message board format, but it wonderfully readable and very engaging. I think it is a hard balance to strike perfectly and I would never want to have the company completely driven by it, but it is something that I think will make our name unique.
Information on Suggestions on Submitting: Please follow the submission guidelines.
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