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From the Publisher

Cactus Moon Publications, LLC believes in a new model of publishing company. One where the author and the readers truly connect. Like our tagline says: The Nexus Point for Authors and Readers.

What does this mean for you? – If you are an author, it means true collaboration. We are your partner, your supporter, and your number one fan.
For the reader – we are your one-stop concierge for great reading. Stop at CM’s main page and we will direct you to your next reading experience.
Cactus Moon Publications and their imprints, Kal-Ba Publishing, Moon Lily Press, and Saturn’s Moon Press are considered hybrid-publishers. We are independent of traditional publishing companies and self-funded.

How are we unique?
Collaboration – Our business model is based on the premise that there is always enough for everyone and we collaborate with a variety of contractors to publish a worthy read. CM does not act as ‘owner’ of an author’s work but as a partner. To check out our collaborators Click Here.
Unity – Our business model supports unity in all operations. This is a strict code for CM and its affiliates. The world of publishing has experienced its share of controversy. Who is better? Independent or traditional publishing? Is self-publishing to be shunned? CM does not involve itself in today’s business of mistrust and ideological loyalties. We expect the same from our collaborators. Our sole mission is to give authors with a voice and story, the readers to listen.
Polish – We take great care in the selection of manuscripts to be published. Our choices are made on factors beyond the story and writing ability. That being said, any author that is willing to work hard, accept feedback and boldly share their product is a welcome addition to our company.
We have high standards of conduct and decorum to support our model of collaboration and unity.


We accept titles from all genres; see below for what we do NOT accept.


Editors Name Lily Gianna Woodmansee
Year Founded 2013
Does the Press Accept: Online Submissions, Unsolicited Submissions
We do not accept erotica, poetry, or non-fiction political/religious titles that do not support unity or exhibit little research around the topic.
What forms of writing are you looking for? Non-Fiction, Fiction
Ebook or Print? Both
Do your charge for any services? No
Submission Guideline URL


Address 1305 W 7th St
Tempe, Arizona 85281
United States of America