Buzzword Books

BUZZWORD BOOKS presents quirky, intelligent and intriguing eBooks written by professional writers. We specialise in intelligent escapism and uncommon books with exceptional themes. Our editorial standard is rigorous. Most of our authors are in print with mainstream publishers. And you can read the start of each book before committing ...



Green King Press

Eclectic World Class Publishing & Book Store. Unsolicited submissions, discount books and cheap ebooks. Instant downloads for E-Books. Subjects Include: esoteric, occult, new age, magick, self help, spirituality, ancient wisdom, metaphysics, mind power, mind programming, meditation, yoga, astrology, mythology, fantasy, science fiction, horror, children's books, fairy tales, classics, poetry, ...

i aM first

Categories we're interested in are Romantic fiction, Fantasy, Scifi, Realism, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Religion or Spirituality, Literary, Historical & Humor. For non-fiction, Essays, Biographical, Mythology, History, Criticism etc. The only caveat is there's no erotica, no swearing, no occult, no gore, really nothing you wouldn't let your niece, ...

John Hunt Publishing

JOHN HUNT PUBLISHING: OPPORTUNITIES FOR NEW WRITERS JHP imprints cover a wide assortment of genres - in fact, there's probably something here for everyone

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC,

They are the publishers of self-help and spiritual help books. “Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC, publisher of Red Wheel, Weiser Books, and Conari Press was founded in 1957, 1987, and to round things out, 2000. We’re a young company with a long history or an older company that’s young at heart ...

Sentient Publications

“Sentient Publications, LLC publishes books on cultural creativity, experimental education, transformative spirituality, holistic health, new science, ecology, and a variety of other topics, approached from an integral viewpoint. Our authors are intensely interested in exploring the nature of life from fresh perspectives, addressing life’s great questions, and fostering the ...

Shambhala Publications

Shambhala Publications “At the height of the sixties counterculture, a distinctive publishing venture emerged as an outgrowth of Shambhala Booksellers, a metaphysical bookstore that two young friends, Sam Bercholz and Michael Fagan, had opened in Berkeley, California, the year #8221;

Spilled Candy Books

Spilled Candy Books bills themselves as “for the Spiritual #8221; They do not give a lot of information about the publisher on the site. Contact information is there, and the books they publish. Not much else.