Lite Editions

Lite Editions is a digital publishing company that selects and publishes sensual short stories of high quality at reasonable prices, to be read in everyday breaks. Both in italian and english.

Sentient Publications

“Sentient Publications, LLC publishes books on cultural creativity, experimental education, transformative spirituality, holistic health, new science, ecology, and a variety of other topics, approached from an integral viewpoint. Our authors are intensely interested in exploring the nature of life from fresh perspectives, addressing life’s great questions, and fostering the ...



Skint Press

Skint Press was born in 2009 after the founding editor traveled across Oz in a bongo box, surviving on nothing but the fish that was caught, and sleeping under the stars.

Whereabouts Press

“Welcome to Whereabouts Press! Here you will find travel books that are truly unique. Unlike guidebooks written by professional travel writers, our books feature stories written by literary writers ? all of whom who have lived in the places they write about. Most were born there, or grew up ...