Red Letter Press

“Red Letter Press publishes books and pamphlets to inform and arm today’s activists with the ideas, experiences and history of radical and workingclass women and men, people of color and sexual minorities, and others in the global movement for social change. We focus on socialist works that advance human ...

Seal Press

“Inspired by the simple yet radical notion that a book can change a woman?s life, Seal Press is devoted to publishing titles that inform, reveal, engage, delight, and support women of all ages and #8221; Proposal guidelines on their site. The publish works by women.

Spinsters Ink

“Spinsters Ink is committed to giving voice to women writers from every walk of life. Our mission is to publish fiction and nonfiction that taps into the hopes, fears, dreams and even secret fantasies of women #8221; Writer’s guidelines are listed on their site.

The Women’s Press

“Established in 1978, The Women’s Press is dedicated to publishing incisive feminist fiction and non-fiction by outstanding women writers from all round the world. Literary and crime fiction, biography and autobiography, books on psychology, health, race and disability, women’s studies and cultural, sexual and political history all have a ...

Volcano Press

“Volcano Press has been publishing books on domestic violence and women?s health for forty years. Forty years ago, the domestic violence movement consisted of a handful of grass-roots shelters, struggling to #8221; No word on the site about submissions.

Wicked Velvet

Wicked Velvet “The web’s premiere publisher of erotic romance for women Wicked Velvet, () will feature writers and authors of erotic romance and their novels or novellas in chapter-by-chapter /serialized monthly posts. Our adult readers/members pay one monthly fee enabling us to pay our writers. 80% of our readership ...