Magazine Name:Bananafish
Editor:Daniel McDermott
Print Magazine?Yes
Mailing Address:
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response TimeOne Month
Publishes:Online: weekly Print: Annually
Year Founded:2009
Online Submissions?Yes
Information about your publication:Bananafish is an online venue for exceptional, short-form literature with a focus on wit, originality, and innovation.
What type of submissions you are looking for:WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Short fiction and memoir. We favor work that is honest, true to life, humorous, professionally structured, and engaging the whole way through. If you have an original voice, a creative style, and the prose to back it up, then we would love to read your stuff. Make us laugh, make us cry, and place every word with purpose. WHAT WE’RE NOT LOOKING FOR: Genre fiction: romance, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, etc. Your submission should not refer to a chiseled European male with long flowing hair. Your submission should not take place in a magical forest or contain fire-breathing characters that communicate in their own clever tongue. No one should save the world or arrive from another planet in your submission. And your submission should not titillate us with investigative suspense or dramatic twists. We are not judging these genres, but we do not understand them. And we fear what we do not understand. Pornography and erotica is also not desired. Passion, sex and love are fine. Cursing is fine, too. But arousal-type writing as a libido stimulant is not something we want. We’re not judging the adult entertainment industry, but we are not part of it. LENGTH: Each submission should not exceed 3,000 words, as this represents the limit of our web-based attention span.