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Miracle e-zine

Miracle e-zine2012-07-08T00:04:00+00:00
Miracle e-zine is a bi- monthly magazine for young writers by young writers. It seeks submissions in poetry, fiction, art/photography and non-fiction occasionally. It doesn't matter from which place you belong, if you write, then this the magazine that is going to outshine your talent.

Miracle e-zine

Miracle e-zine2014-06-28T21:53:43+00:00
Founded in June 2012, Miracle e-zine, is a literary and art magazine. It is a bi-monthly magazine for and by writers and publishes works by emerging/ established writers from around the world.

Mixed Fruit

Mixed Fruit2013-07-30T18:58:18+00:00
Mixed Fruit is a quarterly literary magazine that publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translations, visual art, and other miscellaneous categories (see guidelines for more info). Our aesthetic

Mochila Review

Mochila Review2011-05-04T14:30:43+00:00
The journal is edited by Bill Church, an Instructor of English at Missouri Western. The Mochila Review is one of the few journals staffed by undergraduate students. These undergrads choose to take the course as an elective. The student staffers are involved in the entire editing and publishing process.


Mojo is the graduate-run online literary journal from Wichita State University?s MFA program. We publish in the Fall and Spring. All selected work is considered for inclusion in our annual

Moon Milk Review

Moon Milk Review2010-09-04T08:40:39+00:00
Moon Milk Review takes its title from Italo Calvino?s short story, ?The Distance of the Our aesthetic veers toward the same ?otherlands? or ?slipstream? in literary style, including an appreciation for magical realist, experimental, metarealist and realist works with an interesting spin. Currently, MMR runs monthly issues of ...


Named after the bold strategy in the game of Hearts known as ?shooting the moon?, Moonshot looks for innovative writing that takes risks. We aim to eliminate the social challenges involved in writing and give an even platform to all voices based solely on the quality of the work ...
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The Pacific Northwest is home to a thriving, vibrant literary culture. Following in a long tradition of finely crafted regional writing that is at once lyrical and gritty

Mount Hope

Mount Hope2012-10-23T19:26:23+00:00
Mount Hope Magazine is a literary magazine based out of Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI. The publication prints twice a year, and is also available in PDF format.