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Pure Slush

Pure Slush2012-12-05T20:47:41+00:00
Pure Slush publishes online weekly, often three or four times a week. Print varies, but usually every two months a new anthology or chapbook is published.

Quite Curious Literature

Quite Curious Literature2011-01-01T16:17:47+00:00
Quite Curious Literature is a quarterly electronic literary magazine that bursting at the seams with imagination, alive with vivacity, and screaming like a teakettle to be gone with the doldrums. Issues come with the seasons and are free for all to enjoy, Submissions are accepted eagerly and the most ...

Ray’s Road Review

Ray’s Road Review2011-10-29T09:03:29+00:00
Ray's Road Review's goal is simply to publish stellar works of art, regardless of medium. Currently we publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction and photography. However, we are considering the possibility of adding original art to our offerings. We produce quarterly "issues," but we actually publish quality work when we get ...

Reading Hour

Reading Hour2011-07-11T13:33:14+00:00
We use mainly Indian writers telling Indian stories, across a variety of genres so that the magazine is both entertaining and informative. We also publish translations of Indian regional language writing, as well as of non-Indian languages into English. We hope this magazine will bring out closet writers and ...

Red Door NY

Red Door NY2010-05-06T18:55:39+00:00
The initiative was created as an independent door to connect the community and to serve as a space for free expression in any field.! To allow each and everyone of you to become the protagonists and the creators of opportunities, threading waters between New York and the world, in ...


RED OCHRE LiT2010-11-24T22:09:43+00:00
Red Ochre LiT strives to publish premier, contemporary literature. We are interested in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and short, five poem chapbooks. While our primary goal is to showcase the work of experienced authors, we feature up to three emerging writers in each issue as well. To help give this ...


REDzine is the first, and only, multicultural literature and art magazine of its kind at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is a nationally accredited, and distributed, journal in which works of art live harmoniously on the page with prose, poetry and featured interviews.

Rem Magazine

Rem Magazine2010-07-14T09:46:38+00:00
Rem Magazine is a new experimental poetry magazine concerned with challenges to forms and language. We aim to showcase genuine experimental aesthetics' poetry, fiction, prose, art and essays – that have the potential to change literary and artist values.

Retort Magazine

Retort Magazine2014-06-09T20:33:04+00:00
Retort Magazine is dedicated to the publication and presentation of new innovative, experimental cutting edge art + text in all disciplines. Retort Magazine publishes both fiction and non fiction. Retort has published some of the worlds best known artists and writers but is also a platform for new and ...


Revolver is an arts and cultural magazine based in Minneapolis. We aim to publish writing that is concrete and resonant.