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PITBULL is a brand-new online literary magazine. PITBULL is an effort to cull the best of the best in fiction and poetry from across the globe. PITBULL is edited by Emily Homrok and Michael Long. PITBULL is shooting to launch its inaugural issue in December of 2010. PITBULL is ...

Pithead Chapel

Pithead Chapel2012-07-02T16:16:00+00:00
Pithead Chapel is a small, independent journal out of Michigan?s Upper Peninsula, run by people who love to read and write fiction. Presently, we?re only a monthly electronic journal; however, that could change over time to include printed issues.

Pithead Chapel

Pithead Chapel2014-06-28T21:45:48+00:00
Pithead Chapel is a small, independent and volunteer-run journal out of Michigan?s Upper Peninsula. At present, we?re only a monthly electronic journal; however, that could change over time to include printed issues.


Publishing the best national and international poetry: recent authors include Alicia Ostriker, Amy Gerstler, Stuart Dybek, Carl Dennis, Denise Duhamel, Terese Svoboda, Waldrep,


Poecology is a new literary e-journal for poetry, fiction and nonfiction about ecology, place, and the environment. In an age of increasing disconnection from the physical world and the myriad communities of people, plants, animals and topographies, Poecology seeks to revitalize interconnectedness. The writing published here will meditate on ...
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Polyphony H.S.

Polyphony H.S.2016-02-12T21:48:22+00:00
polyphony-11cover2Website From the Editor We are an international student-run literary magazine for high school writers and editors. We have an editorial panel of some 150 high school students

Polyphony On Line : Magazine for International Literature and Art

Polyphony On Line : Magazine for International Literature and Art2010-09-19T22:00:42+00:00
Polyphony On Line publishes and promotes new contemporary and international voices in fiction, poetry, and the arts. Our publication hopes to invite creative works of literature into the online world, while supporting traditional as well as form-challenging writers for a richness of experience and literary perspective on personal and ...
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Posit is an online journal which publishes four issues per year of poetry, prose, and visual art. We feature a dynamic, accomplished, sophisticated work that may be eclectic in style

Potomac Review

Potomac Review2010-05-13T15:23:37+00:00
Potomac Review opens windows into the complexity of literature; in each issue, our selections span the spectrum of voice and style. We sample realistic and experimental prose and poetry. Drawing 95 % of our content from unsolicited submissions, we publish writers at all stages of their careers.

Poydras Review

Poydras Review2014-06-26T07:14:17+00:00
Poydras Review believes that creativity and expression are the foundation of our national culture. We seek outstanding literature with sociocultural integrity. The journal aims to help gifted and emerging authors and artists add their voice to the creative community. We hope to introduce their work to the largest public ...

Prime Mincer

Prime Mincer2011-03-27T18:32:44+00:00
Prime Mincer is a thrice-annual print magazine that comes out March 15th, July 15th and November 15th. We at Prime Mincer seek fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. We desire first, and foremost, solid, well-crafted and intelligent work, and beyond that are very open minded as far as form and ...

Prism Review

Prism Review2014-06-16T09:08:29+00:00
Published by the University of La Verne, PRISM REVIEW is an annual journal of well-crafted contemporary poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction from established and emerging writers. Alongside its literary works, PRISM REVIEW also publishes interviews with relevant authors and reviews of contemporary works, giving readers the chance to peer ...