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Southern California Review

Southern California Review2014-06-26T07:14:03+00:00
Southern California Review is the student-run literary journal of the Master of Professional Writing Program at the University of Southern California. We have been publishing fiction and poetry since 1982 and now also accept submissions of creative nonfiction, short dramatic forms, and artwork/photography. Printed annually with original cover artwork, ...


We aim to have a mix of original poetry, prose, and critical work which will include reviews, essays and literary analysis and welcomes submissions in all the languages of Scotland as well as english.

SPILT Magazine

SPILT Magazine2014-06-08T19:12:57+00:00
SPILT Magazine is a unique approach to visual and literary arts, embodying the principles of equality, compassion, and expression. We are aiming to provide a bi-annual in-print visual a


Sterling is a literary journal for everyone?s stories. We accept fiction, poetry and graphic content from writers at all levels, as well as pieces created expressly for the journal through a Toronto-based writing workshop.

Stone Highway Review

Stone Highway Review2014-06-17T20:22:21+00:00
I get excited by writing that tries new things. When a writer can make that comparison that I wish I had come up with first. When the poem isn't trying too hard and somehow makes me feel. When a piece is so lovely and gosh darn sensitive to human ...

The Adroit Journal

The Adroit Journal2012-08-15T23:23:11+00:00
The Adroit Journal has been the subject of a fair amount of napkin scribbling since November 2010, when Founder/Editor-in-Chief Peter LaBerge decided that the world needed a literary magazine run entirely by high school and college students that helped the world in more ways than one. The Adroit Journal, ...
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The Austin Review

The Austin Review2014-07-07T21:58:32+00:00
 The Austin Review Website From the Editor The Austin Review is an independent, nonprofit literary journal based in Austin, Texas. Three times per year, it publishes a print journal including four pieces of flash nonfiction, four short stories, and one essay or work by a prominent author. The ...

The Bad Version

The Bad Version2013-07-30T20:10:53+00:00
Launched in November 2011, The Bad Version is a new take on the literary-cultural magazine. Its name comes from the collaborative art of screenwriting, where the first attempt at a scene,

The Canary Press

The Canary Press2014-06-28T21:48:44+00:00
The Canary Press is a short story magazine based in Melbourne. The magazine started when its two editors, Robert Skinner and Andy Josselyn, read a short story that was so dull that Robert screamed and threw his table out the window