Stone Highway Review

Stone Highway Review2014-06-17T20:22:21+00:00
I get excited by writing that tries new things. When a writer can make that comparison that I wish I had come up with first. When the poem isn't trying too hard and somehow makes me feel. When a piece is so lovely and gosh darn sensitive to human ...

The Adroit Journal

The Adroit Journal2012-08-15T23:23:11+00:00
The Adroit Journal has been the subject of a fair amount of napkin scribbling since November 2010, when Founder/Editor-in-Chief Peter LaBerge decided that the world needed a literary magazine run entirely by high school and college students that helped the world in more ways than one. The Adroit Journal, ...
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The Austin Review

The Austin Review2014-07-07T21:58:32+00:00
 The Austin Review Website From the Editor The Austin Review is an independent, nonprofit literary journal based in Austin, Texas. Three times per year, it publishes a print journal including four pieces of flash nonfiction, four short stories, and one essay or work by a prominent author. The ...

The Bad Version

The Bad Version2013-07-30T20:10:53+00:00
Launched in November 2011, The Bad Version is a new take on the literary-cultural magazine. Its name comes from the collaborative art of screenwriting, where the first attempt at a scene,

The Canary Press

The Canary Press2014-06-28T21:48:44+00:00
The Canary Press is a short story magazine based in Melbourne. The magazine started when its two editors, Robert Skinner and Andy Josselyn, read a short story that was so dull that Robert screamed and threw his table out the window
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The Common

The Common2014-07-17T21:44:49+00:00
Finding the extraordinary in the common has long been the mission of literature. Inspired by this mission and the role of the town common, a public gathering place for the display and exchange of ideas,

The Conium Review

The Conium Review2011-12-10T19:36:54+00:00
We still believe in the allure of "new book smell," and we are dedicated to producing high-quality print editions of each issue. The publication itself is print-only, but we augment our traditionalist methods with podcasts, social networking, and online reviews. We seek to revive and redefine small ...