Magazine Name: Crossed Genres
Editor: Bart R. Leib and K.T. Holt
Print Magazine? Yes
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 45316 Somerville, MA 02145
Circulation: 3000 (online)
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time Under 60 days
Publishes: Once a month
Year Founded: 2008
Online Submissions? Yes
Information about your publication: Every month, Crossed Genres chooses a new “Theme” genre; submissions for that month must combine the theme with Science Fiction and/or Fantasy. Issues also contain articles, interview and artwork, all focused on SF/F and the writing/publishing industry. Crossed Genres is published every month online, as well as in print, PDF and Kindle formats.
What type of submissions you are looking for: We accept Fiction, nonfiction and artwork submissions. Fiction: 1000-8000 words. Submissions must contain elements of both the current genre and Science Fiction and/or Fantasy.(current genre at Nonfiction: 500-3000 words. Articles should relate to Science Fiction/Fantasy, the Current monthly Genre, the craft of writing, or the writing/publishing field. Artwork: Color cover submissions should be approximately 18″x11″, and contain elements of both the current genre and Science Fiction and/or Fantasy. For more details please visit the submissions page at
Information on Contests: In the near future we will begin accepting submissions for a Science Fiction/Fantasy novel/novelette, which will be published serially online, exclusively for our subscribers, and eventually published as a full novel. Stay tuned to the submissions page for the announcement.