Magazine Name:Earth’s Daughters
Editor:Ansie Baird, Kastle Brill, Jennifer Campbell, Joan Ford, Joyce Kessel, Janna Willoughby , ryki zuckrman
Print Magazine?Yes
Mailing Address:Earth’s Daughters PO Box 41, Central Park Station Buffalo NY 14215
Circulation:1000 including libraries
Submission Guidelines:at website homepage, go to “guidelines”
Approximate Response Time3-6 monts
Publishes:2-3 issues per year
Year Founded:1972
Information about your publication:Earths Daughters is the oldest still publishing feminist literary magazine in the US. The magazine is run and edited collectively. We primarily publish poetry, with some short prose. Issues frequently target a particular theme. Themes are announced in Poets and Writers and on our web site.
What type of submissions you are looking for:See above and website. We have specific deadlines for each issue. Do not send manuscripts which are not responsive to a specific issue as announced in P&W or on line.