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The Literary Bohemian

The Literary Bohemian2014-06-16T09:12:50+00:00
Words & wanderlust? is indeed the perfect strapline for The Literary Bohemian , the hippest online destination for travel-inspired poetry, ?postcard? prose and snappy reviews. Updated with (almost) monthly issues, the site is bursting with intriguing content and boasts design to die for with retro luggage labels, compasses and ...


Manifestations is the literary journal of the Fourth Order, a multi-faith, trans-faith community sharing the spiritual imperative to serve humanity and the earth creativly through direct action, mentorship, and spiritual practice. We publish work that penetrates experience, seeking the unifying voice beneath the world's apparent divisions, a voice ...

Prism Review

Prism Review2014-06-16T09:08:29+00:00
Published by the University of La Verne, PRISM REVIEW is an annual journal of well-crafted contemporary poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction from established and emerging writers. Alongside its literary works, PRISM REVIEW also publishes interviews with relevant authors and reviews of contemporary works, giving readers the chance to peer ...

Viral Cat

Viral Cat2010-10-26T19:00:45+00:00
Viral Cat is a San Francisco based small press with an emphasis on creative exchange. Sharing creative works across genres and mediums is integral to maximizing artists' creative potential.

Slake: Los Angeles

Slake: Los Angeles2010-10-16T18:03:37+00:00
Former Weekly editors Joe Donnelly and Laurie Ochoa founded Slake: Los Angeles in 2010 to dispel the notion that print is dead and to provide a platform for great Los Angeles–based storytelling. The quarterly's first issue has appeared on the Los Angeles Times's nonfiction bestseller list four times ...


The creative works are clear representations of Experimental Writing, and the authors provide commentary on that aspect of them. This is also the place for anyone participating in the Experimental literary world to share information, opinion, etc. as long as it what you send it not published elsewhere. This ...

Iron Bound

Iron Bound2010-10-05T18:47:46+00:00
Iron Bound is an online magazine that is design with those that love fantasy in mind. Whether it be swords and sorcery, knights and dragons, or even the absrud we've got you covered. The zine is offered off the website for free or through amazon kindle for .99 cents.

Talking Writing

Talking Writing2010-10-04T17:53:53+00:00
Talking Writing supports "kitchen table" discussions by encouraging its readers to weigh in on each month's topic and by featuring reader comments on the site. A group of professional writers and editors created this online monthly publcation to provide a forum for writers to share high quality work and ...

The Pillbox

The Pillbox2014-06-16T09:03:21+00:00
The Pillbox is a monthly arts and creative culture publication that features a gig guide, film & gig reviews, short stories & poetry, artwork & anything else you'd like to contribute. The circulation is about 450 copies distributed around Oamaru. Any contributions or questions email the editor : ...

diode poetry journal

diode poetry journal2010-09-28T15:33:37+00:00
We're looking for poetry that uses language that crackles and sparks. We're looking for poetry from all points on the arc, from formal to experimental (no light verse or erotic poetry, please). Simultaneous submissions are welcomed, but please notify us if they're accepted elsewhere. diode does not accept previously ...

Glimmer Train’s Open Fiction Contest

Glimmer Train’s Open Fiction Contest2010-09-23T18:42:47+00:00
Glimmer Train, one of the best short fiction markets in America, is running its open fiction. The deadline is Sept. 30th. The prizes are listed below. For more information go to: 1st place wins $2,000, publication in Glimmer Train Stories, and 20 copies. 2nd-place: $1,000 and possible publication. ...