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Innovative Fiction

Innovative Fiction2011-05-16T19:54:18+00:00
Innovative Fiction Fiction * Theory * Art Online literary magazine featuring reviews of innovative novels, essays, and art. Recent reviews include: Soluble Fish by André Breton, Arp on Arp: Poems, Essays, Memories, Dissemination by Jacques Derrida, Event by Philippe Sollers, Finnegans Wake by James Joyce, Cities of the Interior ...

Bound Off

Bound Off2011-05-09T16:47:27+00:00
Bound Off is a monthly magazine of literary short stories, founded in 2006 and based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Our mission is to merge the oral tradition of storytelling with new technology to create a digital audio magazine. Bound Off is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to paying authors ...

The Subterranean Literary Journal

The Subterranean Literary Journal2011-05-05T19:20:50+00:00
The subterranean literary journal is an independently published literary journal, featuring short stories, poems, autobiographies and art from creative people all over the world. It began in December 2010; created by T. E. Brierley and Liam J. Kelly, two students at university, one studying Graphic design at Huddersfield and ...

Mochila Review

Mochila Review2011-05-04T14:30:43+00:00
The journal is edited by Bill Church, an Instructor of English at Missouri Western. The Mochila Review is one of the few journals staffed by undergraduate students. These undergrads choose to take the course as an elective. The student staffers are involved in the entire editing and publishing process.

Blue Island Review

Blue Island Review2011-05-03T15:11:08+00:00
THE BLUE ISLAND REVIEW is a journal produced by writers living in Lawrence, Kansas. The members of the Blue Island Poetry Group hold these tenets: that poetry is the art of making all suffer; that hypergraphia is a disorder that should be incubated; that the experience of poetry is ...

Zone 3

Zone 32014-06-16T18:16:57+00:00
Zone 3 welcomes unsolicited submissions of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction year-round. Past contributors include Michael Burkard, George Scarbrough, Daniel Tobin, Kate Northrop, Vanessa Hemingway, Nancy Eimers, Melody S. Gee, Michael Martone, George Looney, Mary Ann Samyn, Kate Gleason, Joe Hall, and Christina Mengert.

TINGE Magazine

TINGE Magazine2011-04-29T16:06:48+00:00
TINGE Magazine, Temple University's new online literary journal, is published twice a year, in the Spring (April) and in the Fall (December). The journal is edited by the graduate students of Temple's Program in Creative Writing. We have an open submission policy

We are an online magazine of literature and the arts, featuring poetry, fiction, art, original musical compositions, and short video art. We lean heavily toward the experimental and the avant-garde, but we have no exclusive "school" or dogma. We always like to be surprised.


Earthshine is both an on-line and print publication. Each Volume starts online, and as poems are added and the volume fills, it is printed. Volume I is now available; we are seeking submissions for Volume II.

Notes Magazine

Notes Magazine2011-04-18T07:36:07+00:00
Notes is a new magazine whose goal is to print fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry that blurs the lines between genre and literary; works that appeal to the average reader and the seasoned reader alike.

Silk Road

Silk Road2011-04-09T18:47:19+00:00
Twice a year Silk Road publishes finely crafted fiction, essays, poetry and translations that give readers a vivid point of exchange or an interaction that could occur only in a specific time and space. This event could be captured in a poem or short story as well as in ...

Eunoia Review

Eunoia Review2011-04-08T19:51:34+00:00
Eunoia Review is an online literary journal committed to sharing the fruits of 'beautiful thinking'. Each day, we publish one new piece of writing for your reading pleasure. We believe that Eunoia Review can and should be a home for all sorts of writing, and we welcome submissions from ...

Studies Weekly/American Legacy Publishing

Studies Weekly/American Legacy Publishing2011-04-07T18:50:44+00:00
While Studies Weekly has grown and changed, the principles that guided Paul Thompson in the creation of the first Studies Weekly publication still guide us today. American Legacy Publishing, owned and operated by Paul's daughter and son-in-law, now produces each Studies Weekly publication with the same care and attention ...

Artichoke Haircut

Artichoke Haircut2014-06-16T18:03:32+00:00
Artichoke Haircut was created not to reaffirm the editors preexisting aesthetic prejudices just the opposite. We were bored of much of the contemporary literature we had been reading, and much of what had been force fed to us by larger literary publications. We wanted to be surprised, and we ...