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Asylum Ink

Asylum Ink2014-06-16T10:36:46+00:00
The goal of Asylum Ink is to build greater awareness and traffic between the various contributors as well as create an easily digestible anthology for fans. If you are interested in participating, all contributions will be credited to their respective creators, a free ad and links will be provided ...

The Horror Zine

The Horror Zine2014-06-09T20:26:59+00:00
For fiction: Original short stories that are creative and fresh that contain Hitchcock-type endings, Twilight Zone-type weirdness, and/or something deliciously twisted. We are seeking good character development and a scary theme. For poetry: If you rhyme it, don't do it rigidly. In other words, do not focus on the ...


BRICKrhetoric is a quarterly online literary and visual arts journal. Established in Chicago in 2009, BRICKrhetoric features original poetry, prose, artwork and photography with a multicultural and urban focus. BRICKrhetoric is committed to providing a canvas for emerging and established writers/artists alike to illuminate topics in the humanities for ...


"autolycus" is an utterly independent literary journal, created by Genie Cartier and Emilio Aldrich. We aim to publish talented unknown writers, and sell the journal online and by consignment at places such as City Lights and the Beat Museum. All proceeds will go to the production costs of the ...

Call & Response

Call & Response2011-01-11T20:42:13+00:00
Call & Response is a blog and handmade journal dedicated to responsive art and writing. We are looking to foster a fluid dialogue within the creative community by issuing weekly challenges, encouraging collaboration and facilitating a free exchange of ideas. We hope that readers will engage actively with our ...


NAP is a quarterly online publication that will distribute through its website, Kindle eReader and other eReaders as well.

Novel Endeavors

Novel Endeavors2011-01-05T16:16:21+00:00
We are aficionados of language, connoisseurs of the written word, passionate pursuers of perfect prose. We are kindred spirits to those who sleep with a journal at their bedside to record the random wanderings of their sleeping minds. Our mission is to provide a place for a new generation ...


Named after the bold strategy in the game of Hearts known as ?shooting the moon?, Moonshot looks for innovative writing that takes risks. We aim to eliminate the social challenges involved in writing and give an even platform to all voices based solely on the quality of the work ...


A Free Online Literary Magazine. To provide great reading material free to the discerning reader, using fibre optic cables to circumvent the decadent ivory towers of traditional publishing.

Quite Curious Literature

Quite Curious Literature2011-01-01T16:17:47+00:00
Quite Curious Literature is a quarterly electronic literary magazine that bursting at the seams with imagination, alive with vivacity, and screaming like a teakettle to be gone with the doldrums. Issues come with the seasons and are free for all to enjoy, Submissions are accepted eagerly and the most ...


We are open to submissions year round. At present, we receive about one submission a day, poetry and short prose in roughly equal parts. We try to pick out the extremely well written material and get it online as soon as possible, without necessarily waiting for our ?issues? in ...


SCREAM is Britain's all new premier Horror Magazine. SCREAM is your best source for horror movies, news, reviews, previews, celebrity interviews, books, games, film festival reports, comics and pretty much everything else you can think of in the world of horror. The magazine is published bi-monthly and available at ...