The Epic

The Epic2014-06-08T18:57:26+00:00
The Epic is a junction point between fine literature, inspiring art, and solid self-improvement. It's purpose is to improve the quality of human life through the power of words.

Barrier Islands Review

Barrier Islands Review2010-08-19T17:20:30+00:00
Here at Barrier Islands, we aim to help up and coming writers share those moving images with the world. If you have something to share with us, please read our submissions guidelines to find out what we want. On the first of every month, Barrier Islands will publish a ...

Fear of Monkeys

Fear of Monkeys2010-08-15T12:15:33+00:00
The Fear of Monkeys is an E-Zine that features politically conscious writing. The plan is to present issues on a series of wide-ranging topics. Submit an article, story, graphic or poem now and be heard. This is an invitation for those of you who wish, or know someone who ...

Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,2010-07-27T10:41:04+00:00
Dear Sir, is a quarterly online journal created from the want to present innovative, unconventional or emerging voices in literature. It is based around the concept of quality over quantity and therefore only features a clutch of writers in each issue whose work, in some way, and somehow, surprises. ...


Instigatorzine is a literary/art zine designed to publish any works of quality including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, etc. Literature is illustrated by our own staff to complement each piece.

Capture global lit mag

Capture global lit mag2014-06-16T07:37:50+00:00
Capture global lit mag publishes new, emerging and established writers. We largely feature short fiction, novel excerpts, poetry but also include photography and visual art. We like to include a strong cross-section of writers, photographers and artists from around the world. The Capture collective does not believe in borders, ...

Rem Magazine

Rem Magazine2010-07-14T09:46:38+00:00
Rem Magazine is a new experimental poetry magazine concerned with challenges to forms and language. We aim to showcase genuine experimental aesthetics' poetry, fiction, prose, art and essays – that have the potential to change literary and artist values.

Splash of Red

Splash of Red2014-06-17T10:11:58+00:00
Our mission is to present our readers with literary perspectives on the world we all live in through the lives we cannot ourselves experience. By "literary" we refer to a professional level of expression, whatever that may be.

Wired Ruby

Wired Ruby2014-06-16T07:36:28+00:00
We accept any and everything, though we currently cannot accept explicit erotic or violent material. If it might appeal to women, go ahead and send it in. Particularly, we are looking for chick lit, romance, commercial women's fiction, literary, non-fiction articles & essays, reviews, flash fiction and poetry (rhyming ...

The Main Street Journal

The Main Street Journal2014-06-16T07:34:24+00:00
The Main Street Journal is a literary magazine that promotes the creativity of students, faculty and residents throughout the Newark, DE area. It is supported by the University of Delaware and local businesses. Our small team of students seek the best content to share with readers across the region. ...

Bloodroot Literary Magazine

Bloodroot Literary Magazine2014-06-30T21:50:24+00:00
Bloodroot Literary Magazine is a nonprofit, educational organization certified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. Bloodroot is dedicated to publishing diverse voices through the adventure of poetry, short fiction and creative nonfiction. Our aim is to provide a platform for the free-spirited emerging and ...


52 is a miniature e-zine dedicated to promoting one piece of literature per week. We take submissions throughout the year to fill those 52 openings. Anyone can submit as long as the piece has not been previously published

Ginosko Literary Journal

Ginosko Literary Journal2010-09-19T22:09:23+00:00
Accepting short fiction & poetry, creative nonfiction, interviews, social justice concerns, spoken word recordings for GINOSKO LITERARY JOURNAL. Editorial lead time 1-2 months; accept simultaneous submissions & reprints; length flexible, accept excerpts. Receives postal submissions and by email?prefer email submissions as attachments in Microsoft Works Word Processor or Rich ...

Lantern Review: A Journal of Asian American Poetry

Lantern Review: A Journal of Asian American Poetry2010-06-15T20:29:19+00:00
Lantern Review aims to serve the literary community by providing a virtual space in which to promote and discuss the work of contemporary Asian American poets and artists. We seek to publish expertly crafted work in a variety of forms and aesthetics, including traditional and experimental pieces, hybrid forms, ...

Stymie Magazine

Stymie Magazine2010-06-10T16:23:49+00:00
Stymie is a nonprofit online literary magazine focused on sport (and games) in literature, be it through fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction or essay. We love the sport themed work ( baseball) published at places like Hobart and The Southern Review, and other places like Golf World (in their annual ...


Crash is an online literary journal celebrating the spontaneous, amorphous, and surreal. Most genres of unpublished short creative writing in the English language will be considered. Crash isn’t meant to be too specific. Our mission statement is best reflected in each issue as a whole.


Please do not send beautiful landscape poetry as it causes us to gag with horror, which we will possibly photograph to print in the mag. Our next literature-based issue will deal with social unrest, particularly the Zoot Suit, Watts, or 1992 Los Angeles Riots.