Magazine Name:The Horror Zine
Editor:Jeani Rector
Mailing Address:100 Bicentennial Cir # 10 Sacramento CA 95826
Circulation:68,000 hits per month
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time3 weeks
Year Founded:2009
Online Submissions?Yes
Information about your publication:The Horror Zine publishes fiction, poetry, and artwork from morbidly creative people.
What type of submissions you are looking for:For fiction: Original short stories that are creative and fresh that contain Hitchcock-type endings, Twilight Zone-type weirdness, and/or something deliciously twisted. We are seeking good character development and a scary theme. For poetry: If you rhyme it, don’t do it rigidly. In other words, do not focus on the rhyme instead of the content. Free-form is also good. All poetry must be deliciously dark. Show some emotion. For art: We are looking for works that make the viewer want to study your piece. We accept all types of art: dark, mysterious art, yes; but also things of beauty. You are not limited in your choices of what to send. Are you talented? Then send your art.
Information on Contests:?
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