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Another New Mailing List? Why? Have you lost your mind?

Believe it or not we've switched mailing list one more time. I am not crazy. We are switching for the following reasons.
1. We want to bring you a very professional experience.
2. We want to bring you regular updates (nothing overwhelming) just be a little more consistent.
3. We want to bring you the best content we can. We have a lot of information on our site that does not make it to all of our readers. As well as occasional updates you get 3 courses of information: "How to start, promote and make money on a literary magazine or a literary website," "Tips on Writing", and "Tips on Promoting Your Book and Building a Prescience" as an author on the web. It's all free! So sign up for the first time, the second time, and the last time.
4. It's all coming to you in a visually pleasing format that will be easy to read and use.
5. Also, you get free stuff starting with the free e-book Seven Deadly Stories when you sign up, and more to come!
Thank you,
Richard Edwards