Submission Guidelines

Yes we publish flash fiction (500 words or less) poetry, and artwork. We our short stories site has about 15,000 visitors per month, and our poetry site has about 12,000 visitors per month. So if you publish with us, a lot of people will read your work. 


We are looking for any fiction on any subject in any genre as long as it is high-quality we'll read it and publish it. Send your work of 500 words or less to

Where it will be published:


To submit poetry send 3 to 6 poems to Please send your best work.

You can send your work in Word format as an attachment or you can cut and paste the work into a body on an email. If we decide to publish your work we will negotiate a workable copy.

Where it will be published:


Artwork should be sent in .jpg format to You can send 4 to 6 pieces.

We will do an anthology every few months in .pdf format, and we are working on a yearly print publication. We will ask for right of each at the time of your inclusion to those future publications.

Where it will be published:


We acquire first time publication right, but all rights revert back to the author after publication. You will be able to proof your work on the web, on your "page" before it goes live. 

Each author should include a bio and publication credits. A bio will be published with your work and links to any sites you request.




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