Writing a Cover Letter on Your Novel Submission

Writing a Cover Letter on Your Novel Submission

Every writer knows the success comes with the first published book. Till that time, you are only one of those amateurs who are looking for the possibilities to join the community of professional writers. Of course, publishing a book is an important though not the most difficult step. First and foremost, you must write a novel. Here, we do not even need to tell that this novel should be good enough to deserve to be published as there are too many bad stories already and you should not become one of those who are famous for their poor writing. We do not need to tell that sometimes you need to make some investments to publish your novel. And we also do not need to tell about a huge PR campaign that you will need if you publish the book. We are going to talk about writing a cover letter on your novel submission to get better chances of publishing your novel for free and finding a sponsor who will pay for all PR and marketing.

Three questions to be answered

There are many approaches to writing a novel cover letter for publishers, but we believe that there are actually three things that you should ask yourself before you start to write a letter and after you have already written it (just in case you missed something). The questions are:

  • Clarify the main point. Ask whether a publisher is ready to consider the opportunity to cooperate with young writers that have already written some novels and are ready to publish them.
  • State the points why exactly a publisher needs to cooperate with you. Use all benefits that you have, otherwise, you may lose your chance to make a step forward in the career of a professional writer.
  • Tell why readers would love this novel. A publisher does not want to just reveal new names, they want to be sure that cooperation with new authors will bring them some income.

Remember that you should always stick to the point and demonstrate real advantages of working with you. So, never use some vague phrases like ‘I believe everyone will love this book’ or ‘You should read it because it’s great’. Do not hesitate to reveal the plot and tell what materials you have used for writing it. Any publisher wants to know that although you are an amateur, you take writing seriously.

Never rush

Many writers think that cover letter is not so important as any publisher should feel with all their vibes that you have sent them the perfect novel. But this is not true. Writing a cover letter is a huge responsibility and you should never be in a hurry when writing it. First, you should think about the questions that we have mentioned above. When you get the answers, you need to create a good structure for your cover letter.

Unfortunately, there is no template that you may fill and get an effective letter. You should do everything by yourself. However, it will be easy for you as a writer as you know how to present information in such a way so as to persuade your readers to do something.

When we are talking about no rush we mean that you need at least a week or two to think over your cover letter and find proper words to reach the reader. It is just like if you have been assigned your first term paper at the college and you need some time to do a research on what is a good essay and how to write it properly.

Add your personal touch

A cover letter, though a formal type of writing, still should never be too official and impersonal. Remember that a writer is not someone behind the scenes of the book. Today, people are interested in the personality of writers, thus, they always check their biographies and try to find some interesting facts and ideas. The same is with publishers. They want to cooperate with writers who write good books and who can express their unusual approach to life or some life aspects in brief words in a cover letter.

Do remember that writing a cover letter on your novel submission is the fastest and the most effective way to reach the publishers and show to them that they must work with you if they do not want to lose huge sums of money. With this letter, you create the first impressions, and you will never get the second chance to do that. That’s why you must:

  • never be in a hurry and take enough time to think over your letter, write it, and edit it;
  • show the benefits of working with you;
  • be personal and express your inner world.

We believe that our brief guide will be useful for your while writing a cover letter. Hope to see your books published soon!

Author’s Bio:

Kevin Nelson started his career as a research analyst and has changed his sphere of activity to writing services and content marketing. Apart from writing, he spends a lot of time reading psychology and management literature searching for the keystones of motivation ideas. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.