10 Common Mistakes in Grammar

Here are 10 common sayings you might get wrong. These are common mistakes in grammar I see a lot. So take a look.

They, I believe, are all good to know.

These are mistakes anyone can make….

1. “I should have went” to the store with you. No! “I should have gone.” I see and hear this too much not to list it.

2. “It all goes well” for you to make it to the store. Sounds great right? No. The correct phrase is “augurs well.” The word augur means to foretell by omens.

3. “Far be it for me” to say what is right or wrong. Sounds fine, but the saying is, “Far be it from me.”

4. “All be it” the right thing to say. You could say this, but you would be wrong. All be it should be “albeit.”  Albeit means although.

5. Tell your dog to “sick ‘em?” Many people think this is correct. It is not. “Sic ‘em” is what is correct.

6. “Do you want to “wet your appetite?” You could if you wanted to, but you would be incorrect in your usage of the phrase. “Whet your appetite” is correct. Whet from the old whetstone, meaning that you were going to sharpen your appetite.

7. “Mono e mono” man to man. Sounds great, but it should be “Mano a mano” meaing hand to hand.

8. “Nip it in the butt?” Funny. Much better to go with the correct saying: “Nip it in the bud.”

9. “On the lamb?” This doesn’t go over well is he is running from the law. It would be best to be “On the lam.”

10. What if “worse come to worse?” It wouldn’t be good, but better to say the traditional phrase: “worst come to worst.”