Broken Publications ( is seeking contributions, submissions, and support from domestic violence victims, survivors, and advocates – or those who simply want to help make a difference. As some of you have already heard or read, Broken Publications is launching its first domestic violence anthology this year ( We still need submissions of artwork and writing with a domestic violence or family abuse theme. The anthology will be Soul Vomit: Beating Domestic Violence. Along with this anthology, another anthology is in the works: The Apocalypse Project!

This one is more for fun than anything else. What are your best end of the world stories and poems? Send them our way! You can submit up to 5 pieces. Last but not least, we’re attempting to raise capital through IndieGoGo to expand the for even small contributions are free books, and larger contributors have the option of being listed as a sponsor for the company. The best part? Any books you’re entitled to for your contribution can be chosen from our library up to 2 years from the close of the contribution phase.

That means you can receive free copies of books of your choice right away or whenever a book is released that you want, all you have to do is e-mail Broken Publications. Now back to the more serious matter: domestic violence. The reason behind starting this anthology and becoming active for the cause of stopping family violence is because I am a survivor of domestic violence. I got extremely lucky that my abuser didn’t attack me after I left him and that I’ve been able to reclaim my strength and my life… but there are so many victims and survivors who suffer in silence and don’t know where to turn because fear rules their lives. That’s where we come in. One of the goals for Broken Publications is to raise awareness and shed light on the various kinds of abuse happening between intimate partners and how far it can end up going. THE OPTION TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS STANDS.

The main goal is to shed light on the stories and how much this really happens; hopefully, it will inspire more courage in victims and survivors to come forward and stand up to their abusers, and inspire society to be more active in taking a stand against domestic abuse. This cause is very near and dear to me, and both my daughter and I have long-term emotional effects from the abusive relationship. It breaks my heart to think of anyone suffering as much or more than we have, so I’m taking it upon myself to do my part to help make it stop. Each year, an anthology will be published with various stories of domestic violence. If you or someone you know has suffered at the hands of an abuser, please share your story! If you’d like to remain anonymous, please specify that in your submission. Thank you in advance for everyone who takes an active interest in these projects, helps by giving contributions, and submits or simply passes the word along. You are appreciated! Let’s show the world that victims can move through to their survivor counterpart and thrive in a new life without violence.