2 Sentence Story Creative Writing Prompt for Your Cellphone

Before we begin, I just want to say how proud I am of the title 2 Sentence Story Creative Writing Prompt for Your Cellphone. I’m getting yelled at all the time for my titles being to short, and that one is particularly perfect. Not that we are shamelessly trying to get more traffic from cellphones and mobile devices…..ok maybe we are.  Honestly it’s because we feel this site is great on phones and mobile devices. Try it. Just stop texting and try it for a minute, but for some reason our phone and mobile device traffic is much less than our desktop traffic.  Go here on your phone: EWR: Short Stories from your phone or Every Day Poems for poetry from your phone.

2 Sentence Story Creative Writing Prompt for Your Cellphone:

In 2 sentences rewrite the story a popular horror movie. It can be Jaws or Evil Dead. Give the story a title, write the story, and give the name of the movie at the end. It must be 50 words or less. WRITE YOUR STORY IN THE COMMENTS.

So like this:

Sinking Sheriff

The sheriff shivers in the darkening waters as the shark that has killed so many people in the sleepy beach town. The boat wasn’t big enough as it’s mast descends into the deep, the sheriff has one more shot at this.


You can do better! I know you can. I’m tired, and having an off week. Do a 2 sentence story AND please do it from your phone. I can’t do that because I’m writing the post, but please enter your 2 sentence story thought your phone today.

Remember all the rules. If you need to look at them again here they are: https://www.everywritersresource.com/creative-writing-promp/.

Yes, this little 2 sentences story can win you $100! Please follow the prompting, don’t just summarize the story, like I did. Be creative and please enter as many times as you like.

Remember we will have a new prompts just about every day! So please check back.