25 word Summer Horror Contest

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25 word Summer Horror Contest

Welcome to our 25 word Summer Horror Contest. We hope that by the fall we will be able to do another Halloween Horror contest, and we hope to be able to pull off our print issue this summer, honoring all our winners with publication in that issue. Fingers crossed.

You all know how much we love horror. Our short story horror contest are intended for fun. We all need a little horror in our lives, and this is how I’m getting my fix this summer.

Until that time we are still trying to have some summer fun. To that End, this is our 25 Word Summer Horror Contest. The rules are super easy:

  • 25 Words or less
  • Post in the comments
  • Deadline is July 27, 2018
  • Enter as many times as you like.
  • Must be scary, clever, awesome….best story wins

We are offering a cash prize for this contest of $200. It’s a small prize for a small story. We will announce the winner on August 1, 2018. Details about the movie night and announcement are to come.

Please leave your stories below, DO NOT EMAIL THEM. Good luck, leave your stories below.


28 thoughts on “25 word Summer Horror Contest”

  1. Faces hidden behind grotesque masks. He ran, they ran. Knives aloft, baying for fresh blood. Onlookers stared, nobody would save him. He was their sacrifice.

  2. You thought I was gone, you thought you were free,I’m one with your mind, you’ll never be free.I am your nightmare!

  3. There’s nothing in this big white room to play with.Wait……over there. It’s big and it’s red.It’s a button!

  4. Andrea stumbled back to the car. Shaking, she dropped the keys. Reaching down, she touched something warm, wet, and squishy. She had found Jeremy.

  5. Legs numb and aberrantly angled, a rough stone cylinder elongated above him, the only light a waning crescent of dusk. Waning. Scraping. Waning. Scraping. Darkness.

  6. Sweet Sleep

    The lovers slept in each other’s arms. A dark mass seethed across the ceiling and spiders danced on silent threads, towards their faces.

  7. When I first went up, they told me:

    “In space, no-one can hear you scream”

    But if that’s true…

    …Why can I hear whispering?

  8. The coffin is rotting around her but her features are perfect. Eyes open and she smiles, fangs exposed, drawing you into her kiss.

  9. He often wondered what the inside of someone’s skull looked like, until the day he found out. Then he only wondered what to wonder next.

  10. In someone else’s nightmare. Endless evil pursued her down dark alleys. Just when she thought she’d escaped, she’d trip, falling down into another bad dream.

  11. I awoke with a start but my eyelashes brushed material and all was black. I could not move, the weight bearing down on me, groaning.

  12. “Hello friend.”
    “Who are you talking to sweetie?”
    “My friend in the wardrobe.”
    Every day she hears the same until one morning…
    “Goodbye Mummy.”

  13. John had had two arms. I couldn’t count them all now.

    Too many arms and too many mouths.

    “I love you, John!”

    My cries were swallowed.

  14. The young, harried mother never noticed the twin pinpricks on her baby’s neck until she fed him. By then, it was much, much too late.

  15. Drained of my blood one drop at a time. 
    Fear grips my heart as I hear the telltale nightly drone of my tormentor.

  16. Excitedly, prying corroded nails from the casket lid sent shivers through my spine. Freed! I lung from my coffin to feast on your blood, tonight.

  17. Alone, I see it step out of the forest. It stops. It grins. It walks towards me.

    “If anyone comes out of those woods, run.”

  18. An intense burning pain radiated across my face. I peered down at a shattered piece of glass and screamed. My face had been skinned off.

  19. My old pull string doll started talking to me yesterday. Mom says that doll burnt to a crisp in a house fire 20 years ago.

  20. Jane loved date night swimming at the lake. When Liam pinched her butt, Jane turned around, but there was only bubbly, red water behind her.

  21. A killer has taken refuge in the Hammer neighborhood
    Night began with fear
    In the morning, a few corpses were found, in which a runaway assassin was present

  22. Your heart rate rises
    The knife was in his hand. His eyes were puffy
    He cut his throat
      Blood erupted
      I woke up suddenly

  23. A robed figure stood in my headlight beams. It had no face, but shrieked at me somehow. I slammed the car into reverse.

  24. She kissed my neck. I turned to face her. Her eye sockets were empty, her skin rotting. My wife, dead and buried seven years ago.

  25. As I sat on the public restroom toilet, doing my business, a face appeared…not above the stall door, but below. The face grinned at me.

  26. My antennae bristled. I scurried for cover as the huge foot stomped on my friends, mashing them to bits. “Cockroaches!” the giant screamed. “Goddamn cockroaches!”

  27. “The doors are all locked!” Sheila’s whisper desperate.
    One finally opens. Fear erases her relief.
    Heads turn in unison. She sees they all have knives.

  28. The End is near…

    The End.

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