25 word Summer Horror Contest

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25 word Summer Horror Contest

Welcome to our 25 word Summer Horror Contest. We hope that by the fall we will be able to do another Halloween Horror contest, and we hope to be able to pull off our print issue this summer, honoring all our winners with publication in that issue. Fingers crossed.

You all know how much we love horror. Our short story horror contest are intended for fun. We all need a little horror in our lives, and this is how I’m getting my fix this summer.

Until that time we are still trying to have some summer fun. To that End, this is our 25 Word Summer Horror Contest. The rules are super easy:

  • 25 Words or less
  • Post in the comments
  • Deadline is July 27, 2018
  • Enter as many times as you like.
  • Must be scary, clever, awesome….best story wins

We are offering a cash prize for this contest of $200. It’s a small prize for a small story. We will announce the winner on August 1, 2018. Details about the movie night and announcement are to come.

Please leave your stories below, DO NOT EMAIL THEM. Good luck, leave your stories below.


3 thoughts on “25 word Summer Horror Contest”

  1. Faces hidden behind grotesque masks. He ran, they ran. Knives aloft, baying for fresh blood. Onlookers stared, nobody would save him. He was their sacrifice.

  2. You thought I was gone, you thought you were free,I’m one with your mind, you’ll never be free.I am your nightmare!

  3. There’s nothing in this big white room to play with.Wait……over there. It’s big and it’s red.It’s a button!

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