This is the Minister’s Cat, another game for writers. The Minister’s cat is the game people are playing at Scrooge’s nephew Fred’s house in many versions of A Christmas Carol. The game is very simple. You get a random generated English or American Idiom and phrases. The idiom is missing a word. You have to come up with the missing word.

So here is an example. You come to this page (or reload it) and the phrase below says 8. cut to the ______. You look at the idiom or phrase and say, the missing word is chase. So you write a comment that say 8. Chase. PLEASE remember to put the number in the comment.

You can answer as many as you want. There are 50 on this particular list. Some are very easy, and some are hard. Please write the missing word (just one word) and the number in the comment.

I will post the answers in a month or so, and then we will do another.

Your idiom or phrase is:

37. call it a _________