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Virgogray Press is an independent publisher operating out of Texas. Virgogray follows D.I.Y. ethics to accomplish it’s goals, and is using this along with other grassroots efforts to crawl up the collective suits of corporate America. Virgogray Press is a proud publisher of chapbooks, and produces primarily poetry and sees the chapbook as a tool and vehicle for the independent voice: one with truth, passion and creativity at its root. We publish and promote the spoken and written word. We support artists, poets and creative types who work from genuine places. We’re interested in poetry, poets and writers from all walks of life; art and artists, individuals who not only think outside the box, but destroy the box and create their own foundation; those who see the folds of reality that we often forget in our daily, consuming lives; and desire the growth of expressionism as a means to supplement the brain food we don’t always have a chance to eat. Currently we only accept online submissions; snail mail address coming soon.


We are accepting poetry chapbook submissions as well as prose and short story chapbook submissions. We are also accepting poetry/prose for our Chapbook Anthology Series. Artists are encouraged to submit their work for possible cover publication. Thank you for considering Virgogray Press for the publication of your work. At Virgogray, we take great pride in what we do and the vision of the artist and the fruit of finished projects. Promoting poetry, literacy and literature is a facet of the publishing business we are grateful to participate in. Forming community among artists and readers is what sharing your work is all about and the writers at Virgogray reflect that. We look forward to reading your work and seeing what you have to offer the world.


Editor: Michael Aaron Casares
Circulation: 3 to 6
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time 1 – 3 months
Publishes: 3 to 6 times a year
Year Founded: 2004
Online Submissions? Yes


Mailing Address: tba

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