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Name: Affinity EBook Press NZ Ltd
Mailing Address: Po Box 71 Kingsland Texas 78639
Circulation: 25
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time Sixty days
Publishes: Monthly
Year Founded: 2010
Online Submissions? Yes
Unsolicited Submissions Yes
Information about the press: Affinity joins the growing trend of companies producing works of fictional literature in the evolving market of electronic media. Our company is committed to produce quality, affordable works of fictional literature. Affinity is wholly owned by authors and the content of works will reflect their collective writing vision. Affinity’s intention is to create a company that authors will have maximum control over their works from inception of the first word written to the finished product available to the reading market. Our mission is to make the purchase of eBooks simple and economical. As we grow we hope to bring you, the reader, a wide variety of eBooks for your reading enjoyment. If you will go to our eBook catalog you will find not only books for sale but also books that are free. Affinity E-Book Press NZ LTD We encompass the future of the written word-Join us!
What type of submissions you are looking for: Lesbian Fiction all subjects
Information on Suggestions on Submitting:
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