Name: BareBackPress
Editor: Peter Jelen
Mailing Address:
Circulation: 10
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time 8 weeks
Publishes: 3 times a year
Year Founded: 2013
Online Submissions? Yes
Unsolicited Submissions? Yes
Information about the press: BareBackPress is an independent publishing company that has just released its first set of titles in March 2013. We began as an online literary magazine ( and found heaps of new innovative talent and decided that these poets and writers deserved a broader audience. Thusly, BareBackPress was born. We are dedicated to publishing BareBack writing, that is, writers who aren’t afraid to take off their gloves when creating. And we intend to stay focused on young artists who want to contribute to the evolution of literature and poetry.
What type of submissions you are looking for: We want writers with strong, distinct voices/styles who give fresh and imaginative perspectives. Unpretentious, minimalist writing that entertains first, and provokes thought later. Give us protein and carbs. Dark. Humorous. Gritty. “Beauty is truth” (Hegel) and we want honesty. Honesty that kicks us in the face. Truth we may not like, but are forced to accept, while at the same time, it entertains us.
Information on Suggestions on Submitting: Include a query letter and the first three poems/stories in the body of the email. Also include a brief bio and a marketing plan detailing how you will help sell your book. We will also consider flash-fiction if you have at least 45 000 words worth of stories.