Name: BareBackPress
Editor: Peter Jelen
Mailing Address:
Circulation: 10
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time 8 weeks
Publishes: 3 times a year
Year Founded: 2013
Online Submissions? Yes
Unsolicited Submissions? Yes
Information about the press: BareBackPress is an independent publishing company that has just released its first set of titles in March 2013. We began as an online literary magazine ( and found heaps of new innovative talent and decided that these poets and writers deserved a broader audience. Thusly, BareBackPress was born. We are dedicated to publishing BareBack writing, that is, writers who aren’t afraid to take off their gloves when creating. And we intend to stay focused on young artists who want to contribute to the evolution of literature and poetry.
What type of submissions you are looking for: We want writers with strong, distinct voices/styles who give fresh and imaginative perspectives. Unpretentious, minimalist writing that entertains first, and provokes thought later. Give us protein and carbs. Dark. Humorous. Gritty. “Beauty is truth” (Hegel) and we want honesty. Honesty that kicks us in the face. Truth we may not like, but are forced to accept, while at the same time, it entertains us.
Information on Suggestions on Submitting: Include a query letter and the first three poems/stories in the body of the email. Also include a brief bio and a marketing plan detailing how you will help sell your book. We will also consider flash-fiction if you have at least 45 000 words worth of stories.
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11 thoughts on “BareBackPress”

  1. Hie i have collection of poems that need to be published

  2. The book has many viewers and is being advertised all of the internet.

  3. You know, I’m starting to tire of sending well-crafted but ineffective query letters to literary agents across the country. Therefore, I’m going to try a new tack by asking you, no, begging you to read my lively follow-up memoir about my ongoing workside failures, “Chasing Nickels and Dimes.” What have you got to lose besides an hour or two, which is about the same amount of time you’d spend in traffic on any given day? Go ahead give it a try. You’ll have your next money-maker and I’ll get to stop trying to woo talent scouts with feckless query appeals.
    Shamelessly Yours,
    George J. Del Pozzo

  4. I need a publisher for my book When Angels Fly.

    When Angels Fly by S Jackson and A Raymond is a true story of the struggles of a mother before and during the illness and ultimate death of her five year old son. It is a story of perseverance, heartaches, courage, and a mother’s undying love for her child.

    The day by day account of little Eli’s last days were heart wrenching. I was especially moved by the July 31, 1990 entry. As Eli was being prepared for surgery, he wondered if he was going to die. Later he told his mother that he wanted to go to Heaven and be with his brother Joshua. I could feel this mother’s anguish at hearing these things from her baby boy, knowing they were probably true.

    Thank you,
    Mary Schmidt

  5. are you still accepting submissions?

  6. I am a new writer. I just finished my first major fictional story inspired by a true event, or so I was told. The initial draft is currently 83,000 pages long, and 275 double spaced pages. I am now in the process of self-editing for context and continuity. I do understand the importance and value of a professional editor to put the final polish on a book, but I’ve not taken that step as yet. I would be curious to know how your evaluation process works, and if you ever look at manuscripts before the final editing process begins?

    The theme of my story tries to demonstrate the futility of prejudice and hatred. It is set during the second world war, and tells of the cruelty of war, and the Japanese internment. Eventually there is a confrontation that occurs in Nebraska, and a resolution. I have written a one page synopsis if you’re interested. Thank you for your time, and hopeful interest.

    Rudy Ortega

  7. I have already published this book but as a self publisher I cannot or do not know how to promote it. I have begun the sequel but I am losing my confidence by the day and have stopped writing it. Even though I have managed to sell around 400 since May the pace has been very slow to the point of the odd buy just now and again. I believe from all the positive comments I have had from the readers, this has to be down to promotion. Any help would be brilliant!


  8. In January of this year I had my debut novel (Bravado City) self published on Amazon Kindle. I am eager to give the book more exposure in any way that I can, but am a definite novice in this enterprise and am seeking professional advice, and possible assistance. My obvious aim is to get the novel in paperback for a more tangible exposure to those who prefer the familiarity of the written word at hand.

    I would appreciate any comments you would care to make regarding same.

    Many Thanks

  9. When the teacher is ready the student will appear. Having mastered thee art of written expression, I’ve now created a new form of poetry. One that will illuminate the mind with fascination, intrigue and satisfaction. It’s guaranteed to astonish the learned as well as the lame. But the key ingredient in this swirl of creativity is…well you’d have to read it to find out. A must read for anyone who’s experienced pain from every sociable aspect. What you will learn from this book will enlighten you beyond belief as well as surprise you with information never known until now .For entertainment purposes only this book will be the best seller of the year and taught through out classrooms around the world. PLEASE CONTACT ME AT 763-444-1239 FRO MORE INFORMATION

  10. It is not a witch hunt ar an indictment, it is just an historic book, nothing more nothing less.Do not be hysteric. (less gazeta wyborcza in the morning should help too keep cosu&mpreo#8230;)

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