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illusio & baqer



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Andrea Mosier


1827 W. Shannon Ave
WA Spokane
United States of America

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Online Submissions, Unsolicited Submissions


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illusio & baqer is a children’s and Young Adult imprint under the division of Zharmae Publishing Press in Spokane, Washington. We will publish books by authors with staying power, powerful writers who pen a series drawing on addictive characters (think Magic Treehouse, Hank the Cowdog, Magic Schoolbus) as well as hard-hitting teen fiction with plots mirroring teen challenges or pushing the envelope (and blurring genre lines) with tales of war, period pieces, paranormal, science fiction, or mystery plot lines featuring teen protagonists. With an eye toward mentoring and supporting good writers and providing them a niche in the marketplace, we plan to publish six novels the first year (March 2013-2014), twelve novels the second year (same cycle ending in 2015), and fifteen novels the third year. This gives illusio & baqer a chance to develop these authors? gifts, establish each as strong, attractive artists with a following, with an eye toward long relationships engaging loyal readers, an emphasis on books in a series, and a strong fan base.

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Lightly Illustrated Middle Grade ? Think Diary of a Wimpy Kid ? Usually written in first person, books in this genre hit big with publishers and fans in Bologne, Italy, this March.

Middle Grade Chapter Book ? Think Magic Tree House ? We?re open to suggestion for ways to take this staple genre and turn it on its ear. Perhaps Hank the Cowdog in a galaxy far, far away, like the Martian dog in the Looney Tunes episodes with Marvin the Martian. I never forgot that dog?s shoes!

Edgy Teen Fiction ? The darker side of teen fiction with a dash of The Paranormal or stories that resonate with realistic plots (teen pranks gone cyberdangerous or teen romances with a twist of mystery).

Teen Memoir ? Teens tell their own stories. This category straddles the line but allows two imprints to work together to life up teen lives. Examples include: Accounts of teens competing in the Olympics, living in war-torn countries, surviving life on the street, working in mission fields, or overcoming depression and mental illness. Teens writing for teens, fiction and non-fiction, is a brand new trend. Random House/Delacourte Press just signed a seventeen-year-old to a three-book deal.


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