Publisher Name:

Brine Books Publishing


Editors Name:

Chris Brine


All work handled via email and the website.
Please go to website, Ontario Website only

Does the Press Accept: :

Online Submissions, Unsolicited Submissions


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Information About Your Press:

An activist publishing house trying to raise awareness and funds for various human rights issues around the world. A portion of our profits goes toward human rights non-profits and charities.

Year Founded:


What type of Submissions are you looking for?:

We are looking for short stories, poetry, letters, and graphical art for our publications. We wish to have some kind of relation to important human rights issues whether its a subplot or a primary part of it. Be creative though! The issue doesn’t have to be blatant, but it also can be. It doesn’t have to be a negative story either, as it can be about empowerment of a part of society that needs this kind of encouragement.


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