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ApocalypsePress.com is an independent dark fiction digital publisher. Apocalypse Press publishes horror, dark fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, dystopian, gothic, cyberpunk, crime, science fiction and zombie books.


We accept unsolicited submission We publish novels, novellas, anthology collections, short stories, quiz books, guidebooks, flash-fiction collections and poetry. specialising in dark fiction including horror, zombie, apocalypse, dystopian, vampire, suspense, gothic, steampunk, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, thriller, myth, legend, cyberpunk, paranormal, crime, zombie, vampire and science fiction books.


Editors Name Tony Newton
Address 21 Henry Close
United Kingdom
Does the Press Accept: Online Submissions, Unsolicited Submissions
Email tony.newton@live.co.uk
Submission Guideline URL http://www.apocalypsepress.com
Year Founded 2014

Twitter http://www.twitter/@pressapocalypse

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  1. I currently only publish through Amazon Kindle. My series is called Zombie Crusade. The sales numbers and reviews speak for themselves. I am looking for publishing opportunities in English-speaking nations other than the U.S.. Would you be interested in talking about possibilities? Do you have any advice on how I might proceed? Thank you for your time.

    Jerry Vohs

  2. do you puvlish in book form or just e books and does it matter where in the world the author lives?

  3. Hello sir,
    I am a researcher, an author and a cover art designer of leisure and educational children books.
    Kindly let me know if your company accept manuscript from foreign authors.

    Isaac Arigbede.

  4. I have a five stars book on Amazon


  5. My novel “When Gods Collide” about the 9/11 attack on new Yorm (fiction) is available for publication. If you are interested, please reply

    Thank You

  6. I have written two short paranormal stories. How do you charge to publish them and edit? Will it be possible if you get a percentage from the sales after it has been successfully published?

  7. Hello Tony Newton,

    My name is Sunny Jack Obande, and I write to know if your publishing House also accept picture books with multi-culturally diverse themes for children?

    Accept my warm regards as I await your response.

    Sunny Jack Obande.

  8. I have self-published with Xulon Press. If you are open to a submission I would be happy to send my book or manuscript for review. The following is a quick view of “Child of Stone”.

    Would you please consider an adventure fantasy set in a distant realm of the universe? The struggle of a child cursed by darkness is a page-turning novel.

    “Expect the unexpected in a time of need.” (Priest of Stars)

    Child of Stone is a 100,000 word completed middle grade fantasy book full of action and adventure. It tells the story of a child who is cursed by a dragontail and transformed into a child of stone. Morning Star (Child of Stone), Night Star, and Princess Marsela become entangled in a conflict for the fate of their world, Blutar.

    The adventure begins when a dark Immortal discovers a realm created by the Light. Darkness invades, a child is born, and a curse summoned. The songs of the Immortals call out to claim them, as they require worthy Bludanians to be their champions. Each is chosen by an Immortal and sent on an adventure to meet enchanted spirits and then transformed.

    Will Morning Star make the correct choices and find the faith, courage, and sacrifices necessary to break the curse, find the champion within, rescue a princess, and save the kingdoms from death and destruction?

    If you like a tale of challenge and adversity; faith, courage, and sacrifice; battle and conflict; imaginative creatures and enchanted spirits; and young romance then Mount Up–Time to Ride!

    I grew up on the banks of the Arkansas River in Kansas where princes, princesses, and creatures became heroes. My adventures continued in the United States Marine Corps in every clime and place leading bold men of true grit around the world. A published author in the Army’s Armor Magazine; former Commanding Officer of the USMC 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division; a combat veteran and Distinguished Knight of the Order of St George; I now reside in Kentucky with my princess writing the Child of Stone series.

    Sincerely, Randy Carlton, USMC, LtCol (Ret)

  9. I am currently scouring the internet looking (hoping) to find a publisher interested in my manuscript. It deals with horror as well as small-town life. Please, if you’re not interested could you at least give me some resources to contact someone that may be?

  10. I`m a young, dark soul who wants her work out there for others to enjoy. I hope you`re a fan of dark romantical fantasy, and a two volume three book per volume series full of that.

  11. I`m just a young writer looking to get their work out there, and you can help me with that. After my book gets looked over by you, write down anything wrong about it and it`ll be fixed. Thanks!
    -Author X

  12. At the birth of each new life, it is written that the stars in heaven all applaud.
    It seems that the angels in heaven have always been keenly interested in the goings on of human beings here on the earth and that fact will never change.
    Yes! angels, good as well as evil, the written word speaks of the evil ones as fallen angels, those banished here upon the earth. these unseen yet very REAL very powerful, spirit creatures latch themselves unto human beings at their births watching them grow, silently influencing and manipulating their actions.
    This is the story of how two such individuals and their eternal unity
    Introducing Seth, a very malevolent vary dark Spirit force, over the millenniums he has been called by many, many different names, but his well-deserved title and reputation as the God of Chaos and blood shed forever remains, It is HE who was present in Egypt some three thousand years ago at the most normal birth of Seto, A human child born into a bloodline of high priest to the Pharaohs themselves.
    Seth’s attachment to the infant male child is immediate and quite fierce as he sees something special in him immediately upon his birth. he watches very closely as the infant grows, speaking to him constantly, he wastes no time in grooming and guiding the young boy, and by the time he has reached twelve years of age, Seth begins to teach Seto all about his dark supernatural world.
    His purpose? To merge with young Seto, combining their spirits into one Vessel, in order to finally be able to experience the physical world, it takes several attempts over the span of many years, but Seth and Seto finally come up with an ritual of spells and powerful incantations that allow them to do just that, to become two souls forever “Housed” in one body, yet existing together as one complete whole.
    For centuries afterwards the two scoured the earth feeding of the blood of the living, steadily growing in power and might, until they ultimately morphed into an incredibly supernatural being, something never before heard of in the heavens or on earth.
    Who knew the ramifications for their actions would have such a devastating effect on mankind as a whole, ultimately others become infected with their powers, in effect “turning” them and creating an entire secret society of vampire species.
    Unnaturally Born killers is a fictional novel that in effect Journey’s through the insidiously dark very violent and mystical world of the Vampire and how they manage to coexist with Human kind
    Otherwise considering homo-sapiens as mere food, it is a delicately intricate process to remain undetected and continue to thrive in relative peace and security with humankind.

  13. Do you publish religious science fiction books

  14. When submitting a manuscript to you. Do you want a complete manuscript or do you want three chapters?

  15. I have just finished writing a Supernatural/Horror book about a teenaged kid who unknowingly makes a pact with the devil and ends up being possessed by a demon who forces him to harass or torment people. He only needs to harass three people in order to escape being tormented himself by the demon. It has good characters, relationships and some good romance in it. I have never had a book published but definitely want to.

  16. I’m interested in publishing a novel which fits into the horror/paranormal genre. I look forward into receiving your feedback and would like to get into contact with you.

  17. I am a new author looking to publish a dystopian fiction set in 2051. Book 1, ISIS Future 2051 written in 2015 follows the work of Orwell’s 1984( without the torture scenes). In a future world, ISIS has successfully established its Great Caliphate across Europe, and much of North America and North Africa. The story is told through the eyes of an older gentlemen who’s varied life experiences bring the reader to a clear understanding of how a utopian ideal Caliphate can go very very wrong.
    The book was actually written in response to Graeme Wood’s What ISIS Really Wants. By 2051 ISIS does have what they want but it is not what they’d hoped for.
    Book II ISIS Future 2051 follows the escape from The Great Caliphate Town by some of Malcolm’s friends from book one. In this second book, the characters explore their own personal reasons for rejecting not only the ideals and supposed perfection of governance by religious fundamentalists but religion itself.
    Heady topics such as existential suffering, fatalism, and religious devotion are discussed in lay terms through the characterization of philosophical ideas.
    The books are aimed at a youth audience (16 -30) in the hopes of providing them with some insight as to why they might be targeted by apocolptic cults such as ISIS.

  18. I want to find out if you are traditional publishers or self-publishers. I have a manuscript of 13,000 words which is a short story fiction based on the African culture on spousal inheritance. I wish to find out if you would be interested to evaluate it for traditional publishing.

  19. I have a horror mystery story about Stonehenge, the story is called “Stonehenge Prophesy”, about a Texas ranger’s brother being an archaeologist that is murdered and the ranger is in search of the assailant. In his investigation he meets people that are involved with Druidism and legends of Stonehenge, the villain uses the power of Stonehenge to send a party of people back in 1349 AD during the Black Death, to only be brought back in this time and release the plague on the present time today. The ranger defeats the villain with aid of the Knights of Templar and Lady of the Lake servant, combining efforts are able to stop Abaris, ancient priest of Atlantis from taking over the world for his alien colony in the stars.

  20. Hello, I’m William Serrano. I’ve been writing a story and want to find a legit publisher who’d be interested in publishing it when I have finished. Many book publishers I’ve found so far think it has a pretty interesting concept, but tried to charge me instead of publishing. I want to know if it’s possible to find anyone interested in actually getting my book out there and if your willing to work with me, that would great. My story is a tale of love, murder, heartbreak, revenge, science-fiction, fantasy, creativity, and nothing is ever as it seems. It’s called “Me and Insanity”. If your interested please email me, if not thanks for your consideration. It is much appreciated.

  21. Would like to submit dystopian, mystical novel. Finished draft. Interested?

  22. I’m looking for a publishing company y that isn’t going to charge me an arm and a leg. I’ve heard all the stories that publiahers-if they like your work-pay the author instead of the authors having to come up with money in order to get published. I’m hoping that you are the company for me. My books are dark urban fantasies mixed with horror. I’ve written four books that complete a series. They are titled The Evergreen Saga. I look forward to hearing from you at your beat convenience.

  23. I was inspired at 10-11 years old by this book I read and now i’m starting to write from my own imagination and maybe you’d take a look it delves into the depths of brutal murder psychotic glee and several types of human crime lets say i wont restrict myself to 1 style of writing

  24. Hello my name is Jack I. Burton. I am fourteen years old, but I’ve written what I believe is a pretty solid short horror story about adolescent crime in the cities. If you are interested in my story please email me. I do have one question: If i email this story to you, do i still have the rights?

  25. This website doesn’t work.

  26. I have a complete novel, roughly 520 pages exploring the angel and demons realm. It follows Max’s, or Maximus Turner’s, unfortunate turn of events, discovering he is an Atom of God. Born of one of Lucifer’s general and by God’s handiwork, he will find his life change on his seventeenth birthday— a change that will put his friends in dire danger and test his loyalty. Aso angel and demons beguile, he will wonder what each has planned for the new Atom of God.

  27. Hello, my name is Adam ‘Vibe’ Gunton and I am looking for a publisher for my book I am writing. The title is: Blame-less faces of an Addict. It consists of many short stories of addicts I have acquired in my own long struggle with drug addiction. I use cognitive behavioral therapy and psychology methods I have picked up to get to the deepest and darkest experiences of others. A girl was sold as a prostitute by her mother starting at age 2, a girl that didn’t know another life other than meth cooking trailer to meth cooking trailer with her father and older brother who began raping her daily at age six, and a man was beaten since he was born in ways the book invokes empathy – followed by this man being a multiple murderer who does not exist on paper (I explain within).

    Between short stories from others, I tell my own story. A very blessed and priveledged Caucasian male growing up in the infamous suburbs of Columbine High School, my High School, going down a path of rebellion from an early age and turning into a suicidal intravenous drug addict. I was blessed with the knowledge others weren’t and I chose my path. I am to blame.

    I also am adding in personal development exercises to help anyone accomplish a desired feeling, goal, or thought. I have an incredible amount of content begging to be given to the right people.

    My purpose in this book is to reach anyone affected by addiction. Whether personally active, personally in recovery, family members and loved ones in any faze, or anyone wondering ‘why that guy is on the street with his hand up to them instead of getting a job’ so people may be able to empathize with imbedded thought processes they have never known existed, then offer solutions for all different perspectives to help themselves or suffering addicts.

    I am most interested in this book being available to the people who could/would benefit from it, if it becomes as great as I see it coming along. Thank you for your time.

  28. I am interested in writing a story for you

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