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Biographies, African American Urban Fiction, Poetry, Suspense, Drama, and Horror

From the site: To be considered for a book review, you must submit at least a first chapter excerpt, but feel free to send the first 2 or 3 chapters if available. The excerpt must be a whole chapter, not a paragraph, and not one page. If a full chapter isn’t received, then your submission will be rejected. An entire chapter is required so that we can get an accurate feel of the author’s writing. If your book is accepted for review, we will email you of our interest and forward our mailing address. We will not send emails asking if the book has been sent or if you have received our initial email asking you to send the book. You will need to be responsible for any follow-ups with us in regards to the status of your book being mailed off and received by us. When submitting your excerpt for review consideration, please do not use this website to send correspondence.


Editors Name Antonio

Address 633 W. 5th Street
26th Floor
Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA 90071
United States of America
Does the Press Accept: Take Queries Only
Submission Guideline URL
Year Founded 2014



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  1. To
    The Editor,

    Ashanti Publishing Hpuse
    Los Angles, California, America
    01 January 2015
    Sub: Publication of Poems
    Dear Sir,
    Good evening

    Happy New Year to you all. It gives me immense pleasure as I introduce myself, Mr. B C Karmakar to you. Having spent my tenure with IAF, I have traveled vastly in India and have picked up habit of writing by interacting with people, sharing their experiences and reading articles. I have continuously penned my thoughts and evolved as an avid reader with compassion to write. Over the years I have written a few romantic novels and short stories in English. My exposure to various countries like Singapore, UK and US has also inculcated the habit of writing more.
    I have written a book (poems) and would like to publish it from your institute. Total pages of manuscript is 180 pages and 21, 000 words.
    “The collection of poems presenting by me are consisting of 306 in different pieces, which presents a mosaic of twin colours of joy and pain reflecting the various dimensions of human experiences. Variety, sensitivity, experimental tones, suggestive ease is some of the key features of the each unit that is like precious pearl consisting of its own beauty. The cumulative output of them is to inculcate the sensibility among the human being against the existing ordeal of life”.
    If you are interested, I will gladly send you the sample of the few poems for your perusal.
    Thanks very much, for your time and consideration.
    B C Karmakar

  2. Hallo
    Would you consider women’s contemporary novels set in Asia?

  3. My website is a series of blogs in a rather different format. Each of the blogs is about a personal journey… offering both subjective and objective commentary, analysis, conclusions and questions about the human journey, its origins and its future and the current state of world affairs, as it plays out of the existence of life on earth.

    I want to produce these blogs in book form. And go on a book signing tour, using an experimental stage presentation to enhance the audience experience.

    I am an artist, actor, writer, musician

    Thank you

    Rod Malay
    The Secular Cell…. 17,000 page views to date 05 February 2015

  4. I have a written and illustrated a very special children’s book . It is part of a series. I want to publish.

  5. Dear Editor:
    I, together with two other individuals have just about complete our manuscript, that contains beautifully written essays about AMERICA. The essay contributors are CEO’s of corporations, Retired Federal Agents; Educators,
    a Navy Seal, a Wounded Warrior, and 3 recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor. The title of this contemplated book is: AMERICA “OUR” TREASURED NATION. One of the co-authors has an FBI Investigative background, and he other co-author, was a speech writer for Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush and lives in the LA area. His name is Michael Nissan. I myself, am retired from the FBI.

    We would be most appreciative if you could inform us, if you would be interested as a Traditional Publisher to handle this type book, which is Non-Political, but rather about the Greatness of America.
    We would also be interested in the services you render once a book is published and whatever else you would like to enlighten us about your firm and the business arrangements we might expect. If there is a common agreement based on the information you provide, then of course Mr. Nissan would be in personal contact with you initially by phone and then in person. May I have a phone number where you can personally be contacted.

    Respectfully yours,
    AL Chestone (Ret-FBI Agent)

  6. Dear publication,
    I have come with a book with full of life and adventure, its my wish to be a part of your publication and published in India, as I can’t afford to publish it by my pocket, but still, I have learnt a lot about you and found to be distinct from other publishers, Waiting for your positive reply or you can say, ‘opportunity’

    Mayur joshi.

  7. I am interested in having my book published with your company. It would be more than a pleasure to communicate with you, and hopefully, you find my work worthy to be published.

    Please email to discuss. how your company consider books for publishing.

    Thank you in advance.

    I believe that I emailed you information about two months ago. Can you please double check.

    Your help is appreciated.

  8. Are you a self publishing company or you charge for your service? Can you send me some information on your services on offer?

  9. Sorry I don’t have a website. My rather wholesome book is about maintaining friendships over the course of several years and intergalactic circumstances involving a civil war, whether they can maintain the relationships is up to them. I want to say it is relevant to the African American Urban Fiction genre though, are you perhaps interested?

  10. I would like to know if you are still taking book submissions?

    Please advise.

    Again, I am looking for a Publishing Company that believes in my work as I do, and would give me a chance. I have published one book and I had a great following. The title is “An Incredible Voyage through Life.”

    Thank you for taking time to read my comment and giving me an opportunity to speak with you and hopefully become a Published author with you.


    Irene Grace

  11. I have written a six chapter book- entitled ‘HEIR TO THE MERCHANT‘. I will be glad to have you read the manuscript, edit, review and give me a feedback.

  12. I am writer resident in the United Kingdom. I am a self published writer and I have written four books to date. I was inquiring if you would be interested to consider my work under your imprint.

    Short Synopsis
    Mr Batwala is a freed slave who returns to Africa (Uganda). He decides to open up a Coffee farm but things are not has he had envisaged and expected. He finds that things are not plain sailing realising that his ambition vanishes before his eyes and he is powerless to keep the farm running. Financing the project is a tiring issue which leads him into bankruptcy. He struggles to keep the farm afloat and to keep everyone on board. He finds that there are so many demands on him and he can’t satisfy all worker’s grievances. Mr Batwala had opted to become a slave as a young child because his parents were traded as slaves and he was left to fend for himself. He leaves the farm and takes up other positions and responsibilities.

  13. Hello,

    I am Nitin Bali and writing poems , Looking for a organisation who can check my writing and publish it.
    I have write almost 65+ poems and wanted to publish few of it with good publishers and found you.
    Looking forward for your reply , if you like it .

    Thanks and Regards
    Nitin Bali

  14. I’ve written a manuscript that I would published. It’s a novel about a superhero and I would like to bring out the comic book eventually. In addition, I would like to know do I have the freedom to adhere to my own deadlines when it comes to sending manuscripts in to be published. Please contact me at 818.689.6826. Thanks

  15. hi there im dave with an inspirational book that needs to be published, i wonder if you can help with my project….your response will be much appreciated, thanks!!

  16. pls I want u to publish my motivation book for me

  17. Greetings Mr. Antonio,

    I have compiled a series of short stories about the adventures of riding the bus in the city of Detroit, MI. If this interests you please contact me by e-mail and I will send you the manuscript, hopefully for your reading pleasure. I thought it wise to contact you before sending it so you had a say and a heads up as to its arrival. Thank you kindly for your time.

    Gary T Winslow

  18. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am looking for the opportunity to publish my debut novel, which is originally written in Russian language.
    I have made a basic translation into English of first 4 chapters, which could be considered as “quite readable”. It needs thou a professional editing.
    Title: Gringo
    Genre: philosophical fiction
    Volume: 170 pages in A4 (font size 11-12)
    Plot: The guy lost his homeland, living in a new culture, but feels misplaced and continues his search for happiness. On his way he encountering people and sees the “signs” which only causing more confusions than solutions…
    I can send you the electronic version of one, two or free chapters. If the style will be satisfactory and contest readable and interesting , I am ready to discuss further possible necessary steps.
    Kind regards,
    Serge Populier
    T: ++31 6 44 2 55 712
    EM :

  19. Dear Ashanti,
    Would you consider a YA multicultural ‘gap year’ memoir?

  20. Dear Sir/Madam
    I have written a cold war thriller novel based around the nineteen sixties moon landings. Would you be interested in reading such a story?

    your faithfully
    Gordon Hill

  21. Dear Ashanti. I want to know if you accept xhosa dramas that can be easily turned into a television screen play.

  22. I have written a novel of about 146 000 words about poverty in Africa and the consquent migration to United States. I want to seek for your interest in publishing it for me

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