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Baal Hamon Publishers are managed by a Christian ministry and hence our preference is for books with strong Christian themes or good moral value. Your book may be good but if it appears to be anti-Christian, or dissuade people from being Christians, it would not fit into our plans. The book does not necessarily have to be a “Christian book” or religious in any sense but at once it should not incite hatred against Christians or biblical beliefs.

From the publisher’s site: “Baal Hamon Publishers – of the Joy and Truth Christian Ministry is a small but actively growing firm. The Joy and Truth Christian Ministry itself is a non-denomination outreach movement with a commitment to promoting the unity of the faith and Spirit among Christians from all backgrounds. We are not affiliated to any particular denomination or sect and we welcome all. We are not a church assembly. We are a Christian team with membership drawn from various denominational backgrounds. Although our members come from different strata of the society, most are professionals with full-time occupation in our respective careers. Our Divine calling is to exhort and encourage Christians everywhere to keep the unity of the faith and the Spirit. Our ministries include Christian doctrines, Evangelism, Publishing, Prayers, Helps, Counselling and other supports.”


Currently more interested in FICTION works with “take-away Christian values”. The work do not necessarily have to be preachy or overtly religious. Baal Hamon Publishers asks that you check the following before submitting: 1) It has a strong moral theme -2) It has a clearly defined target audience- 3) It is properly formatted 4) Prepare a brief biographical sketch.



Editors Name Temitope Oyetomi

Address Suite T279, 244 Fifth Avenue
NY New York
United States of America
Does the Press Accept: Online Submissions, Unsolicited Submissions
Submission Guideline URL
Year Founded 2006

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  1. Psalm 31: 13-14 , For I have heard the slander of many: fear was on every side: while they took counsel together against me, they devised to take away my life. But I trusted in thee o lord:, I said, thou is my lord… This is the beginning of TESTIMONY, a book that was written by me in my most darkest hours, where I seeked to know and fall in love with Jesus. From a life of darkness and facing a life sentence, it was through my storm that I transformed to the man of God I am today, and it was through mercy and grace that I am both free spiritually and physically. Glory be to God. TESTIMONY is a book that need to be heard by the world! MANY are waiting and desiring to be set free, but have not the faith nor motivation nor belief to grab hold to the gift. In testimony I share with readers my struggles and fears and Gods triumphant deliverance in my life, that all may see-hope-and understand that Nothing is impossible for God.
    I really would like to discuss publishing with you. I am not comfortable attaching my work to non christian publishers.

  2. Good day. I am the author of two published books, and within the perfect Love of God, I feel inspired to write my 3rd manuscript titled; Discussions With God, which will be a follow up of my first published book titled; Just A Closer Walk With Jesus, published in 1994. Is it possible that I can approach you with my manuscript once it is finished? Thank you and God Bless.

  3. I’ve just finished my first book so I’m new to this. It is Christian based so I liked seeing that for your site. I am wondering how y’all go about this and do y’all do editing and things like that. Or if it’s expensive. I’m really excited about this book and I’d really like to see this through.

  4. Have got a manuscript which I think will be of interest. Can you send me a few details of your requirements before my book is published?

  5. Dear Editor,
    I have a four-book series titled “The Minister Wanted Series” that was previously published by Bottom of the Hill press, a very small publisher. BTH does no marketing, so book sales were slow, though the books that I bought for book signings were quite popular. For that reason, as per our agreement, I asked Ron Kite to pull the books, and he has done that (he and I remain good Christian friends). I am now looking for a publisher for the series. These books are close to my heart as I am a retired pastor.
    1st book, “”: Charles Miller resigns from the church he has pastored for several years in Tyler, Texas to become a fill-in minister in Ruidoso, New Mexico. His agreement is that he will do no administrative work, but will teach, preach and shepherd. This releases his spirit to minister in a new way, guided by the Holy Spirit, resulting in some miraculous happenings as well as many conversions. He meets and marries Jan Wilkins and solves a mystery. 2nd book, “Minister Wanted: Santa Fe”: After prayer and seeking God, Charles and Jan answer a call from a church in Santa Fe, NM, arriving there after their honeymoon. This is a discouraged body whose pastor has mentally and emotionally broken down. For the few months they are there, Charles and Jan minister in new ways, and watch as the congregation grows and answers the great commission. Once again, a mystery is presented to Charles, and he eventually solves it. 3rd book, “Minister Wanted: Wichita Falls”: Charles is called to help start a church in Wichita Falls, TX. The church is going well, but another minister in town is trying to shut it down. Finally, he attempts to burn down the building with Charles in it, but instead sets himself on fire and dies in the flames. 4th book, “Minister Wanted: Portland, Oregon”: A church in Oregon has a problem. The pastor and music director have been having an affair, and have resigned. Charles is asked to come help the congregation overcome the effects of this heartbreak. God is very real in the church, and Charles and Jan, once again ministering under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, are able to turn things around in spite of the former pastor’s attempts to stop them.
    All four books are completed, averaging around 75,000 words each.
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Dr. Herb Marlow

  6. I came across your company as I was surfing the internet in search for a self-help publishing company. I have written 10 unpublished books by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and I need help to get them published. The titles of my soon-to-be-published are: The Power of Purpose, You are not Empty, Voyage of Leadership, The Father’s Business, Building your Relationship on a Godly and Goodly foundation, Living With Purpose, The Power of Prayer, The Power of Confession and Understanding Night Vision.

  7. I have self-published with Xulon Press. If you are open to a submission I would be happy to send my book or manuscript for review. The following is a quick view of “Child of Stone”.

    Would you please consider an adventure fantasy set in a distant realm of the universe? The struggle of a child cursed by darkness is a page-turning novel.

    “Expect the unexpected in a time of need.” (Priest of Stars)

    Child of Stone is a 100,000 word completed middle grade fantasy book full of action and adventure. It tells the story of a child who is cursed by a dragontail and transformed into a child of stone. Morning Star (Child of Stone), Night Star, and Princess Marsela become entangled in a conflict for the fate of their world, Blutar.

    The adventure begins when a dark Immortal discovers a realm created by the Light. Darkness invades, a child is born, and a curse summoned. The songs of the Immortals call out to claim them, as they require worthy Bludanians to be their champions. Each is chosen by an Immortal and sent on an adventure to meet enchanted spirits and then transformed.

    Will Morning Star make the correct choices and find the faith, courage, and sacrifices necessary to break the curse, find the champion within, rescue a princess, and save the kingdoms from death and destruction?

    If you like a tale of challenge and adversity; faith, courage, and sacrifice; battle and conflict; imaginative creatures and enchanted spirits; and young romance then Mount Up–Time to Ride!

    I grew up on the banks of the Arkansas River in Kansas where princes, princesses, and creatures became heroes. My adventures continued in the United States Marine Corps in every clime and place leading bold men of true grit around the world. A published author in the Army’s Armor Magazine; former Commanding Officer of the USMC 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division; a combat veteran and Distinguished Knight of the Order of St George; I now reside in Kentucky with my princess writing the Child of Stone series.

    Sincerely, Randy Carlton, USMC, LtCol (Ret)

  8. IT is dicisive force and most respectfull aknowladgement in this regard. im so very happy with your format and preface dialog and promotion of Christ movement and his Gospel. wish you can publish my book. My name is Vuyani Lennox and surname is Mbangi in South Africa Eastern Cape.

  9. This sounds like an amazing company, I think that I am going to try it. Christian morals have really touched my life. Love them. Thank you.

  10. Under your submission segment there needs to be a correction made; see excerpt below:

    The work do not necessarily have to be preachy or overtly religious.

    It should read “the works…” or “the work does not…”

  11. Drama based on true snippets of racial discrimination and violence from the 1920’s to the 1960’s. A Negro family suffering from the loss of their murdered daughter challenges the racial divide and is castigated by both sides of the conflict because of their compassion for an abandoned white child. ( Christian theme and directed )

    Are you interested?

  12. I am a Christian lady who has been one all my life. I have written several manuscripts for children’s picture books that are based on Christian values and morals, and am currently looking for a publisher who will publish them in the traditional manner. NO SELF PUBLISHING PLEASE or any money to be paid by me for the publishing of my books.
    Please advise if you could publish them and if you are currently accepting unsolicited material for children’s books.
    Thank you.
    Margaret Matthews, B.A. (SFU)

  13. My email has been sent to you above.

  14. I have a poem that I wrote about the depression I’ve been going through. The main theme is that I can get through it with Him who gives me strength.

  15. I am one who have had, a death experience. Through a motor bike accident, I and am writing, a book on the experience.
    It will have a detail account, of the city of the New Jerusalem, the streets of Gold and the mansions promised.

    will your company be interested in publishing this book.

  16. Hi, who can I speak with about getting my book published. I will be releasing a solo albim and my book both togather about rock and roll and my life which has been there not as a big start but along with big stars as I have been in many larger world wide groups including Bam Margers’ FFU, CKY, and now Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks…this book will have potential to reach out to every aspiring rock and roller from a piint of view that can releate to while keeping rock and roll preserved.

  17. I have written a childrens book and it can be a guide to sunday school teachers. Can i send it to you guys? Only if you are a traditional publisher and dont ask for payment.

  18. Would you be interested in publishing a book in Trilogy format…. an autobiographical account of the life of a small child from a devoutly Christian British family who is able to ‘see’ down through time witnessing many historical events as they happened, recognizing people from the past…who can ‘see’, ‘hear’ and communicate with Angels with detailed accounts of a time when she was confronted with a dark entity in the U.S.A.The people who lived in the house will testify to her truth of dealing with the ‘demon’.

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