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Baal Hamon Publishers are managed by a Christian ministry and hence our preference is for books with strong Christian themes or good moral value. Your book may be good but if it appears to be anti-Christian, or dissuade people from being Christians, it would not fit into our plans. The book does not necessarily have to be a “Christian book” or religious in any sense but at once it should not incite hatred against Christians or biblical beliefs.

From the publisher’s site: “Baal Hamon Publishers – of the Joy and Truth Christian Ministry is a small but actively growing firm. The Joy and Truth Christian Ministry itself is a non-denomination outreach movement with a commitment to promoting the unity of the faith and Spirit among Christians from all backgrounds. We are not affiliated to any particular denomination or sect and we welcome all. We are not a church assembly. We are a Christian team with membership drawn from various denominational backgrounds. Although our members come from different strata of the society, most are professionals with full-time occupation in our respective careers. Our Divine calling is to exhort and encourage Christians everywhere to keep the unity of the faith and the Spirit. Our ministries include Christian doctrines, Evangelism, Publishing, Prayers, Helps, Counselling and other supports.”


Currently more interested in FICTION works with “take-away Christian values”. The work do not necessarily have to be preachy or overtly religious. Baal Hamon Publishers asks that you check the following before submitting: 1) It has a strong moral theme -2) It has a clearly defined target audience- 3) It is properly formatted 4) Prepare a brief biographical sketch.



Editors Name Temitope Oyetomi

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Year Founded 2006