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  1. Im almost finished with my life story and teying to fine the.right.company and it was .a hell of a life forfive my french

  2. I queried one novel at a time. It was too disrnactitg and unfocused otherwise. When my agent called to offer representation she asked if I had anything else and was pleased to hear I had more than one publishable manuscript. She has asked to read one other. She is the industry expert. She knows what she can sell. It is her decision to make. It is not the novel YOU like best. It is the novel YOUR AGENT likes best and feels she can sell.

  3. My name is Loren.

    1) I have a short story collection with a variety of the powers of an imagination from scifi bible versions, scifi directly stories, the ideas to being, political confrontations to think, fun teaser science thoughts, fictional stories of genies, vamps, elves and much more it has a collection of 75 stories at this point that I was seeing if it was something your company was interested in reviewing for publication .
    ….The eggs beginning , Dino change and ape chance, space life and explorations to the imagination definition that it’s not unknown … These are a few science fun ones

    2) I have a story of a beaten and mother running from against a father that was a two time felon unknowingly before I knew him and now third for four counts of as a child rapist that I had to protect my daughter but also there are phases of my soul of good to remember I am not his evil and for my girl to read one day to see what my heart and strength was given to her not him and by this book when he gets out and probably will come to me for revenge he already lost cause I wrote this book for my daughter to not be by his soul but mine for lessons , belief and love . No one really helped on this eight year run from him to safety , cops had to much red tape and family would rather let their friends think there life was perfect but I took a hard trail for others that might be on a same foot to see ways that work and ways to not repeat . The notes are of the chapters life, love and all witty sayings to uplift

    3) I have a children collection of Natures wishes about seven bugs I made the tales of a lesson to truths but very colorful as when I worked with autistic children for a job I wanted them to see the bugs beauty with their stems they have.

    Also have one more children’s book a poem not done ..on the day the zoo is closed.

    I can send electronic or in a paper submission but is this anything you would be interested in?

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