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From the Publisher

We are an independent Christian publisher serving like minded writers and readers. We aspire to be a refreshing resource in the lives of all our readers.

Burning Bush Press strives to create a digital platform where Christians— new & mature— can access doctrinally sound, biblical studies which promote the depth of God’s inerrant word and advance their spiritual walk with the Lord.

Burning Bush Press seeks to publish exceptional literature, by way of a literary journal and an anthology of select submissions which speak to a theme or topic of Christian interest. We aim to promote the testimony of our Saviour through the contributions of Christian writers— both emerging and established— in order to reach a wider literary audience.

Burning Bush Press is dedicated to contributing to the spiritual growth of bible believing Christians by developing, designing, and distributing digital products that embolden them to live out their faith.

What type of Submissions are you looking for?

We are looking for manuscripts that are aligned with our vision. We are looking for writers who consider writing to be a high calling. We want writing that celebrates creation, that nurtures the soul, and that honors biblical truth.

We are looking for work that provokes us to reflect on our position in an alienating world that is hectic, critical, and skeptical of our spiritual sensibilities.

We are small but have a high calling. Our demographic encompasses all walks of life: ministry workers, homeschoolers, farmers, immigrants, homesteaders, neighbors, fishermen, conservatives, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, elders. We want to support and promote work from those who are most often marginalized in the common literary space.

We hope to foster a creative spirit in a community of believers, writers, and readers by stitching together a literature and art that speaks to God’s purpose.

Writing doesn’t end after a particular experience, but rather grows out of experience. Therefore, we are seeking work that isn’t estranged from our current time, but rather influences the current culture. We are looking for work that is conventional in style. Prose that is sparse, or lush, you decide.

We seek to publish work that reflects our values, that stays with us after the page has been turned, that resonates with insight into our human condition. Send us expressions told with grace. Send us writing that leaves the reader with enough room to reflect; to be moved and changed somehow.

Since we are a fledgling publisher, we are committed to growing our projects and our calls for submissions. We’d like you to join us in celebrating what we hope to accomplish, and we cannot predict the sales or success of an inaugural project. In time, we hope to compensate our contributors once we have positioned ourselves in a few areas that allow such things to happen.

We look forward to reading your work!


Editors Name Carlos G. Ortega
Year Founded 2015
Does the Press Accept: Online Submissions, Unsolicited Submissions
What forms of writing are you looking for? Non-Fiction, Fiction, Short Stories
Ebook or Print? Ebook only
Do your charge for any services? No
Submission Guideline URL http://burningbush.press/submissions/


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