Brukat Publishing, LLC


From the Publisher

We are an independent press for E-books, organized as an limited liability company in the state of North Carolina. So far, we have published three novels, a short story, and six episodes of a science fiction-fantasy series. To be published by the end of the year are two more novels, one more short story, and five more episodes from two different series. We are also going to debut a Western, steampunk episodic series at the Steampunk Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in April. We are not a vanity press. Each author has a author website under the Brukat logo.


We are looking for submissions by unpublished fiction writers or published fiction writers who still possess their e-book publishing rights (such as authors who have published under a vanity press).


Editors Name Michael B. Edwards
Year Founded 2013
Does the Press Accept: Online Submissions, Unsolicited Submissions
What forms of writing are you looking for? Fiction, Short Stories
Ebook or Print? Ebook only
Do your charge for any services? No
Submission Guideline URL


Address P.O. Box 1387
Whittier, North Carolina 28789
United States of America