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Founded in 2012, we are a small group of independent Canadian writers who have pooled our talent and resources to create a small press dedicated to discovering new talent. More of a writers-plus collective than a traditional publisher, we are actively looking for new authors, copy editors, graphic designers and other contributors, who are driven by creativity and the vision of bringing quality works of fiction to readers. To date, we have published 21 titles. Two of our titles have won national literary awards in Canada: The 2016 Canadian Authors Association’s Fred Kerner Award for Palawan Story by Caroline Vu and the 2016 Whistler Independent Book Award for Crime Fiction for Stage Business by Gerry Fostaty. As a writers-collective, we do not take any of the profit from the sales of the books or charge for any of the editorial services, proofreading, layout and graphic art work, which are done on a pro bono basis by the members of the collective. However, authors are responsible for the actual printing costs of their books and must contribute their own services as editors back to the collective. Submissions are accepted only after a highly rigorous review process.


Our focus is on first-time Canadian authors, but we make exceptions to this rule if the submission is exceptionally good. We publish fiction of most genres with the exception of vampire, zombie, chicklit, commercial romance and commercial erotica. On occasion, we will also publish creative non-fiction and translated works of fiction. We only publish in English.


Editors Name Ian Thomas Shaw
Year Founded 2012
Does the Press Accept: Online Submissions, Unsolicited Submissions
What forms of writing are you looking for? Fiction, Short Stories
Ebook or Print? Both
Do your charge for any services? No
Submission Guideline URL


Address 205 des Voyageurs
Gatineau (Aylmer), Quebec J9J 1P8

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