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Salem-Danvers Village Press


Salem-Danvers Village Press

From the publisher

We are a new independent book publisher seeking for new authors. We are a traditional book publisher. We are looking for new content.


From our requirements and guidelines page:

As a traditional book publisher, we have certain requirements and guidelines for manuscripts to be submitted.

Accepting the Following Forms of Fiction:

All forms of Speculative Fiction (science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, utopia, dystopia, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, horror fiction, superhero fiction, alternative history, and magic realism).

New Adult, Young Adult, Crime, Detective, Drama, Classic, Mystery, Action, Adventure, Suspense,

Thriller, Realistic, Historical, Western, Romance, Urban, and Paranormal.

There is a minimum of a 40,000 word count for novels.

We will publish novellas but they must have between 30,000 and no more than 39, 999 words.

We are not accepting small children genres (this includes anything that is read from Pre-K until the age of 11). All of the books that we shall publish will need to have very detailed chapters. Our audience is anything twelve years of age and above, but the average age range could be considered between 14 and up for young adult and 17 and up for everything else.

What forms of writing are you looking for? Fiction


Editors Name James Faber
Year Founded 2017
Does the Press Accept: Online Submissions, Unsolicited Submissions
Ebook or Print? Both
Do your charge for any services? No
Submission Guideline URL


Email salem.danversvillagepress[at]

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  1. I’m Dr. Vandana I have a collection of above app poems which I’m sure you’d like. Also I have a concept of a book consisting of short love stories. ….and it’s very different than all the books I’ve read . Also it is inspired from real lives…..not all but most of them. I hope you find this interesting.

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