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Divertir Publishing is an independent publisher located in Salem, NH. Our goal is to provide interesting and entertaining books to the world, as well as to offer new and exciting voices in the writing community the opportunity to publish their work. We seek to combine the knowledge of the established publishing houses with a unique understanding of the desires of the modern market.


Divertir Publishing is currently open for queries from authors. While we consider manuscripts in most genres, we are particularly interested in the following: Fiction: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Alternate History, Contemporary Mythology, Mystery and Suspense, Paranormal, and Urban Fantasy. Non Fiction: Political/Social Commentary, Current Events, History, Humor and Satire, Crafts and Hobbies, Inspirational, Self-Help, Religious and Spiritual, Metaphysics. Please note we do not accept submissions for erotica. We are not adverse to publishing manuscripts on controversial topics; however, we do not publish material that is disrespectful of the opinions or views of others. We do not publish manuscripts which contain excessive amounts of gore or violence. Divertir Publishing believes the most effective way to establish readerships for up and coming authors is through short story collections. Thus, we publish several collections each year.

Divertir Publishing is currently accepting queries directly from authors. Please do not send your manuscript without first sending a query? unsolicited manuscripts will automatically be rejected. We do not accept queries for incomplete manuscripts or novellas. In addition, we only accept submissions for short stories or poetry if they are targeted towards an upcoming


Editor: Elizabeth Harvey
Mailing Address: PO Box 232 North Salem, NH 03073
Email: info@divertirpublishing.com
Circulation: 6-12
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time 1-3 months, depending on the type of submission
Publishes: We publish 6 short story collections a year in addition to our other offerings.
Year Founded: 2009
Online Submissions?1 Yes

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4 thoughts on “Divertir Publishing”

  1. I have two story/books – one is written already and the other is an idea.

    1. Book that is written is a typical romance novel – title “Simone” who as a beauty, incites the jealousy of an ex-lover, gets revenge on her alleged best friend and has a bit of suspense and surprise.
    2. The book I want to write “How Sobriety Ruined My Life.” As a woman who stopped drinking wine, once enjoying the joi de vive ? (spelling), was told to stop drinking as was doing so in combo with other drug taken for pain relief that was having effect on liver. So in not drinking and suddenly unable to tolerate any liquor, life has changed in every way.
    Not able to access that glow and energy that is attractive. Not sure how to expand on this, but there must be something there – as seemingly a new twist on the subject?

    Can you contact me?
    Robin Prins

  2. do you looking for a writer how write about his life ?
    if yes end my an email and how i get paid

  3. Hello,

    I would like to know if you publish a collection of short stories.

    Thank You

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