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Dragon Moon Press is a Canadian independent publisher of fantasy, science fiction, paranormal horror, and the occasional title that’s hard to classify! Our books have been nominees and winners of numerous literary awards, including ForeWord Book of the Year, Bram Stoker, Sir Julius Vogel, IPPY, and Endeavour Awards.


Market: Manuscripts targeted to the adult market or the upper border of YA. No middle grade or children’s literature, please. Genre: Generally speaking, fantasy, paranormal, soft sci-fi and gentle horror. For an exceptional manuscript those boundaries may exhibit a little flexibility. Length: 80,000-100,000 words.

Generally closed to unsolicited submissions, but we accept referrals from our authors and affiliates. Open submission periods occur a couple times a year, so keep an eye on our twitter (@dragonmoonpress) and Facebook page for open submission announcements.

Word-compatible format (that means: .doc, .docx, .rtf, BUT no PDF’s, epub, Wordperfect or other formats)
In the requested genres (fantasy, science fiction, and proposals how to write or market books) ONLY, since that’s what we publish. All others will be rejected immediately.

We prefer titles that have not been self-published, that are currently agented or displayed titles (cannot have been posted on your website, for example – but see notes in submission process.)

Market: We prefer completed novel-length fiction manuscripts targeted to the adult market or the upper border of YA. No middle grade or children’s literature, please. No short story collections or non-fiction.

They have detailed writers guidelines, make sure you read them.


Mailing Address:
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time
Year Founded: 1993
Online Submissions? Yes


Email: publisher{@]dragonmoonpress.com

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3 thoughts on “Dragon Moon Press”

  1. I have written a fantasy novel of about 77000 words. A short blurb:Valerie born in an orthodox Roman Catholic of a French Alpine farmer becomes a nun, pursues a pious life and when she comes to her farm on a holiday an adopted boy of her family rape her by blackmail in the absence of her parents. She conceives and has to abort her child secretly. Her sin leaked and the church excommunicates her. Ashamed, she goes to Paris without informing anyone and joins a hospital to work as a nurse; however, mysterious voices call her to go to New York to mitigate her sins.
    She comes to New York on her summer vacation alone and loses her way in Manhattan. She goes to a small park to rest where a tree starts speaking to her as if plant knows her well. The tree calls an old and weird woman who is a witch and she turns the park into a beautiful garden in which various flowers dance at her command. After the magical spectacle, a bushy, hairy man with black hair all over his body, feral looking and almost naked comes into the park and ogles at her hungrily. Dumbfounded but dogged she prolongs her stay in New York to solve the mystery.

    Will you like to read my manuscript of The Speaking Tree novel?

  2. Greetings staff,

    Do you accept submission from U.S. authors and novels under 52,000 words?

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