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PressPress is a poetry publisher. It is probably the smallest publisher in the known universe. The aim of PressPress is to have good, accessible chapbooks at a reasonable price. It’s a bit idealistic, but then, so is writing poetry in a time of fire.

A small Australian poetry chapbook publisher.


First look at this site. Browse through the poet’s links and read their sample poems to get an idea of the sort of work that has been published in the past, then buy your chapbook.

Next, email PressPress directly. A manuscript is about 40pp. Be aware that we have a backlog already.

Don’t post a hardcopy manuscript. Save the trees and use email.(I’m aware some people don’t have email. If that applies to you, you will have to use snail mail, but I do discourage it.) Your manuscript should be in a single, digital, document in a common program eg Word or Pages or as a pdf.

Poetry that is original, risky and intelligent.

Read the submission guidelines at and follow slavishly for best results.


Editor: Chris Mansell
Circulation: varies
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time varies, immediate to 3 months
Publishes: varies
Year Founded: 2002
Online Submissions? Yes


Mailing Address: PO Box 94 Berry NSW 2535 Australia

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