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  1. I have written a fictional novel but I’m still doubting about the grammar and some sentence structure, I’m not really good in making some flowering words in English… Will the publishing help me review my novel if I publish it?

  2. Hi
    I was recommended by an American publisher who lives and works in England to submit my work both in America or/and in Paris.
    I am a french writer (novels, flash fiction in French) and poetry (in English). According to the publisher mentioneed she thinks I would fare better in American or France although I would like to publish ultimately inn England where I live.
    In the past I have published some early poetry followed by 3 novels and a collection of flash fiction in French. My last novel has not been accepted. Since then I have taken the challenge in writing English poetry after attending 2 years at London Poetry School (now in my third year).
    Can you help me get published which would boost my inspiration.
    With best wishes

  3. This is the first draft of an autobiographical narrative. This piece elaborates upon a psychotic episode that I personally encountered shortly before my entrance into adulthood. Please consider for publication. Enjoy.


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