Grow as a Writer – Critique Your Own Work

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Grow as a Writer – Critique Your Own Work

The ability to critique own work is important for writers because it allows to view it from a different perspective and correct some of the mistakes. But can they really take an honest look at their writing and acknowledge the revisions? Well, yes, but it proves to be very difficult for many writers who do not consider self-criticism as a good method of improving the quality of writing. Moreover, some of them say that criticizing their own work may result in a major confidence crisis in the case when the text has to be rewritten or otherwise improved.

Are you a writer who considers the critique of your own work as a way to grow? We have prepared three excellent reasons why should start doing it without fear of doubting yourself.

  1. You Gain a Valuable Perspective

When reading you own writing, you become a critic that views the work from an entirely new perspective. The perspective of the reader on certain themes found in writing can be different, so you can start understanding the ways in which your work may be perceived by other people. Start the reading process by having a look at the first paragraph. If you wrote an academic essay, all the reader needs to know should be there, including attention “hook,” main points, background, thesis statement, and so on. According to an academic writing expert from Proessaywriting, each of these elements is mandatory because it helps to have a cohesive and proper structure of the entire text. Continue by checking whether you have all these elements here and make sure that the introduction is good enough to convince the viewer to read further. Apply the same mechanism to other parts of the text but always finish your analysis with the question: “so what?” It will help to understand the importance of making the text interesting to viewers.

  1. You Can Save Work you thought was Hopeless

Have you ever been in the situation when you were stuck in the middle of the story because you started questioning the characters or plot and thought that the story was not worth finishing? In this case, a healthy critique of your own work can instead of self-doubt actually help you to complete the project and make it even better. By going through the text one more time, you can understand the parts where you have not thought the story out and took the wrong turn. Moreover, reading the story and criticizing its content in a way that shows better ways to continue it can show you what new elements should be added or what needs to be replaced.  As the result, the work you thought was hopeless can be turned into a masterpiece of your writing skills.

  1. You can enhance Emotional Connection to the Reader

By obtaining a perspective of the viewer, you might come up with ways that allow the text to connect with you on an emotional level. This technique always carries the reader through to the end of the story, regardless of how good the content is. Remember, many readers can be moved by the beauty of the words that you give them, so it is always good to have a second look. Criticizing can teach you that the best stories are the ones that connect with the readers on emotional level and make the worry about characters. If you master the art of healthy criticism of your own writing, you will be able to write the stories that will carry the reader through to an end and make them wish the story would continue on and on.


Now, when we have the reasons why should criticize your own writing, we can conclude about how you can benefit from this technique. First and foremost, you will learn to write better because you will gain another perspective on the work, which should allow you to make the stories more engaging by identifying the ways in which the viewers can understand them. Second, you can develop new ways for continuing the work which reached the dead end by criticizing the existing content and proposing alternative ideas. Third, you can enhance the emotional connection with the reader and write the stories that will move their hearts.

No one likes criticism, but it can be very beneficial to your work when it is healthy and does not question your talent as a writer. By turning into a critic yourself, you will grow as a writer as well because you will learn how to be better to avoid negative statements about your work. This excellent opportunity to grow personally is great because by having a look at own work, we can give ourselves a chance to improve where we need strengthening.

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  4. I know there will be different bothers and inconveniences, in any case, I am made arrangements to do it. On the off chance that it doesn’t succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well

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