We would like to interview you. We are looking to do interviews with many many editors. We would love to be able to interview each of you one on one, but it is impossible for us. Our time is limited, but we want to hear from you! Interviews with editors is one of the most interesting things we’ve done on this site. So this is more of 10 questions with, than an interview, but we still want to hear from you. Copy the questions below, send it to us at eds@everywritersresource.com and we will publish it on our site. Send a bio and a pic and you will have a better chance of landing on our front page. Make sure sure you include your URLs.


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1. Why was your publication started? What was the original idea behind the magazine?


2. Who are some authors you are particularly proud have been published in your magazine?


3. What advice would you give your writers trying to publish with your magazine?


4. What important changes do you see happening in writing right now?


5. As the editor can you describe the role you play at your magazine?


6. What upcoming projects would you like to tell our readers about?


7. What personal projects would you like to share with our readers?


8. Is there anything that has surprised you about editing a literary magazine?


9. What advice can you give to editors who would like to start their own literary publication?


10. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? Upcoming from you or your magazine?