Hobo Pancakes

Magazine Name: Hobo Pancakes
Website: www.hobopancakes.com
Twitter: @hobopancakes
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hobo-Pancakes/311598480877
Editor: Isa Hopkins
Mailing Address:
Email: hobo.pancakes@gmail.com
Circulation: 400
Submission Guidelines: http://www.hobopancakes.com/submissions/
Approximate Response Time 2 months
Publishes: Quarterly
Year Founded: 2010
Online Submissions? Yes
Information about your publication: HOBO PANCAKES is an online humor journal that strives to present humor in many forms — from absurdist to slapstick, poetry to prose, if it’s funny, we’ll print it.
What type of submissions you are looking for: Poetry, creative non-fiction, fiction, artwork, photography, Letters to the Editor. Please keep submissions to 6,000 words or less.
Information on Contests:
Picture url http://www.hobopancakes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Picture.jpeg

2 thoughts on “Hobo Pancakes”

  1. Dear Isa

    Where is the home of Hobo Pancakes (I LOVE THE NAME) and PLEASE note that your mag is the only one that give a circulation number …hence I’m submitting a sample of my writing which will be published through my blog but needs to have wider circulation. I hope you’ll like it.


    Audrey Biloon
    Savannah, Georgia

  2. I tried to submit the following at the address you provided but it keeps bouncing back as undeliverable


    You’ve heard of Super Girl haven’t you?

    Well, it’s Stooopid Gurl, and her sidekick Stoopider Gurl, here, with out capes and tennis shoes on….and our costumes with a big R across the front) to tell all of all the stooopid things we do to help people and how it gets us into trubell, debt, or taken advantage of.

    We bring this information to warn all others out there that if it looks like it needs reskue, it probably just wants to whine and stay in the same place just to get attention and that if you rush in to the resque, it may lead to your own trubell, debt, or being taken advantage of. My eighth grade English teacher said never to end a sentence with a preposition (like the last sentence) or misspell werds, but being Stoopid Gurl and Stoopider Gurl, we didn’t lissen….so If you want to be like SG and her sidekick, don’t listen in skool.

    If you have a notion to follow whut we doooo, just keep reading this column, to learn what not to dooo, so that you won’t get in trouble, debt, or taken in by peeple who see you (me really and my friend Stoopider Gurl) coming and so they won’t ever take advantage of you like they do me and my faithful friend, Stoopider Gurl, who ofen points out peepill in need of rescue and then we both jump in.

    Yes…my friend Stoopider Gurl and I take on all kinds of projects and rescue tasks to help peepel and then we get left with egg right on our faces (that’s our faces in case you got confuzed not the peepel we try to help).

    …..about the egg on faces.

    If you want to see what you will look like with egg on your faces, to prevent you from having trubbell happen in real life, and you are as stooopid as I am, and as my frend Stoopider Gurl is, then go to the refrigerator right now WITHOUT DELAY, take out an egg, brake it in a bowl, put your face in the bowl and then run to a mirror to look at yourself.

    But if you are brighter than Stoopid Gurl is (that’s moi….I will try to impress you with the amount of French I kno) and briter than Stoopider Gurl my friend is, u will not be soooo stooppid as to try that egg trick and you will just want to look at the picture of us with egg on our faces and then you will kno nut to do the stooped things we dooo that getz us intu lots of trubell or det or taken advantege of.

    Nex time I will tell you of our grate adventures with peepell and trubbell.

    But 4 now…

    until nex time, puleeze stay smarter than we r….that is me and my frend Stoopider Gurl is…


    if you want to write to us or buy a tee shirt or cape or rubber or wooden egg that won’t brake into a bowl, so that u won’t put your faces into the bowl to get egg on your faces, just let us kno by email.

    We really hope that you only have one face, but if you are two faced then send for and get two eggs.

    Instructions below have the phone number, email and/or mailing address to give your credit card number or where to send your money order. If you want something gift wrapped, let us know that too.

    Don’t worry about ordering from us. We don’t handel the money or the packaging because we’re 2 stooopid to do that. We let smart peepill who are smart r than us do stuff for us like that caus we’re tooo busy writing this blog to stop u from becoming stooppid and stoopuser like us.

    Blog at you later,

    Sttoopid Gurl

    Copyright 12/9/2016, Audrey Biloon

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