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We need your help. Times are difficult for everyone, so keeping EWR on the web has not been easy. Right now we are looking for donations to keep EWR up and running.? We want to keep all of our services free and on the web for you.? We hate trying to raise money. Instread we’d like to be publishing great poetry, short stories, promoting literary magazines, book publishers, and greats articles on writing. Raising money isn’t what we want to spent our time doing, but alas running EWR is not free. It takes money and time to run. We are asking for a $1 donation. If everyone who visited EWR donated $1 to us, we wouldn’t have any trouble at all keeping EWR on the web. If you want to donate more you can, but we are only requesting $1. Thank?you so much for coming to our site and helping us out! Right now we will get back to publishing.

Richard Edwards, Editor