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Here is one of our many categories. Articles on Writing is what Every Writer is all about. Here you will find tips, tricks, advice, and some really great observations about the writing world. We have 100s of authors who contribute to our site. Writers in our community make up a great deal of what we do. These articles are some of the best on writing.If you are interested in submitting an article to us, please contact us. We are happy to publish articles about writing and anything that supports writers. This category is represents everything that EWR stands for. We want to bring real writing, for writers into the world. We are for writers by writers, and these articles are a big part of the support we give to the web and the community. Thank you for reading our site, and we hope you will consider contributing an article about writing.

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Writers! Jot Down Your Thoughts

Writers! Jot Down Your Thoughts BOSTON, MA, Nov. 1, 2011 – After six months of development, Boston-based entrepreneur Andrew Garcia launches a new, free web service for writers and note-takers called (photo: Garcia, Jotstack’s CEO, knows how fleeting moments of inspiration can be. As a writer himself and self-described “idea-guy”, Garcia has looked… Keep Reading

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A Writer Who Never Writes?

A Writer Who Never Writes? I had a friend recently ask me if he might be a writer. He hasn’t written anything, but for his whole life he has felt something about writing. His career has taken him a completely different direction, but now in his 30s he is interested in writing. So the question… Keep Reading

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10 Questions with the Editor!

We would like to interview you. We are looking to do interviews with many many editors. We would love to be able to interview each of you one on one, but it is impossible for us. Our time is limited, but we want to hear from you! Interviews with editors is one of the most… Keep Reading

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50 Common Mistakes in Speaking and Writing

1. “The business would suit any one who enjoys bad health.” [From an advertisement in a daily newspaper of New-York.] Few persons who have bad health can be said to enjoy it. Use some other form of expression: as, one in delicate health, or, one whose health is bad. 2. “We have no corporeal punishment… Keep Reading

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Best Literary Magazines of 2010 (Part 1)

We are taking a look at the Literary Magazine that did the best in 2010. We looked at a lot of factors, and really a few indicators stood out. We have mapped 3 anthologies inclusions of literary magazine over the last year. The three anthologies we picked to give us the best idea are all… Keep Reading

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WordPress Themes for Poets

Here are some of our recommendations for WordPress Themes for Poets. Of course there are thousands of themes out there that might interest poets, and we kept 2 things in mind when we came up with these: ease of use and ease of reading. They are plain, simple, easy to use and easy to read… Keep Reading

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I was born in the working-class.  Early I discovered enthusiasm, ambition, and ideals; and to satisfy these became the problem of my child-life.  My environment was crude and rough and raw.  I had no outlook, but an uplook rather.  My place in society was at the bottom.  Here life offered nothing but sordidness and wretchedness,… Keep Reading

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Digital Rights

There seems to be and uproar over Amazon removing all those George Orwell books from Kindles. The company simply pushed a button and zapped all the copies that had been sold from their customers. Now people and groups are fighting for more rights for the buyer. You can read more about this in this NY… Keep Reading

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