Every Day Poems Submissions

Every Day Poems is EWR’s poetry venture. We publish 2-7 poems per week. We are looking for high-quality amazing poetry. We take poetry of any length and kind. Our poetry page has approximately 10-12 thousand readers per month. We tend to like short poems more than long poems, but we consider all kinds.

Every Writer the Magazine

We also publish the digital magazine Every Writer. If you submit your poems here to Every Day Poems they will be considered for publication in Every Writer the Magazine. Usually we take works from Every Day Poems and publish them each month in Every Writer.

What we are looking for:

  • Great poems
  • We are not crazy about rhyming poems (we will consider them).
  • We like short poems…
  • We shy away from love poems (we will consider them).
  • If done well we are crazy for forms of poetry like sonnets, sestinas, villanelles and so on….



Please send the poems in the body of an email or in a Word document.


We ask that you include a bio and photo with your poem. You do not have to send a picture, but we like them. We like photos that are longer than they are tall. We are not crazy about “head-shots.” We like photos that are even of you going about your daily life. The most important thing is for the photo to be taken so that it is longer than it is tall.

Response time

We try to get back to each person that submits work to us, but to be honest we have had issues with our mail system. We fear that some people are not hearing back from us. Our response time is 1 day to 2 months maximum. If you do not hear from us in 2 months please feel free to submit your work again.

Yes, the 1 days turn around happens sometimes. If we get a story that we really love it may jump spots in line and go right to being published the same day it was submitted (usually the next day).


We do publish translated poetry. We are happy to publish the original work right alongside the translated work. We do not translate works. If you have the original poem and the translation, send both and we will consider them.


We do not keep rights. We take one time publishing rights for Every Day Poems and then for Every Writer the Magazine. All rights revert back to the author. We ask that you not publish your poem in any other publication for at least one month, but this is not a requirement, just a request. We also take works that have been previously published as long as you have the right to publish the work (we like previously published work, to be honest). We are fine with simultaneous submissions.

Send your work to with Every Day Poems in the subject heading!

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