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Apples for Sappho

Apples for Sappho


Amanda O. Aller

Author Bio

Amanda is a lifelong lover of poetry writing and appreciation. She is an artist with interests in pottery and painting. Amanda has a special interest in people and human motivation with diplomas in both counselling psychology and art therapy—her writing style is often personal, observational, and always honest. A grateful resident of North Queensland Australia, she lives with her son Jake and their two cats, Freya and Salem. She is passionate about art in all its forms, nature, and the many mysteries of the universe.


Apples for Sappho is a collection of sensual verse combining love, sensuality, and relationship dynamics. Within the pages, you’ll find erotic artistry and a beauty reminiscent of Greek arbours and the romantic poets that filled them. Amanda captures the imagination with the gentler side of love and sex, but also, the allure of original sin and a bite into its ever-present apple. Enter the garden of figs, honey, and grape juice where both light and dark sides are omnipresent lovers. Delivered with an artist’s sensibility, Apples for Sappho is a literary after-dinner mint for poetry lover.

Book excerpt

When the Leaves Held True You took me down to the river and we sat under the blue gums We watched fish silver over stones—wet natives -clear— as our intentions I told you I cared about their shimmy and the green of the moss through the water… and how the gum leaves held their colour even after the trees no longer held them You showed me you cared— Your fingers grazing goosebumps on my satin shins… 10 taupe moths fluttering higher —soft landing on silk rosettes -hungry little things pollinating the night Amanda Aller ~ Apples for Sappho

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