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Chilling the Devil: Introducing Alex Tanner

Chilling the Devil: Introducing Alex Tanner


Wade Hoover

Author Bio

“I used to write to help you overcome. Now, I Have created a character I know you’re going to love. Alexandra “Alex” Tanner is a hero everyone can root for. I think you’ll love her as much as I do – Enjoy!” Author Wade Hoover began his book-writing journey to help people navigate life’s rough waters. NOW, Wade has found his niche as a fiction writer. He began with an uplifting story of a young adult facing bullies. From there, he moved to horror. Now, Wade has landed firmly in the “Action” genre. Join him for a wild ride!


She’s a protector. She’s a warrior. She’s U.S. Marshal Alexandra “Alex” Tanner, and if you harm the innocent, she will find you. When Alex finally gets a shot at her dream job in Witness Protection (WITSEC), her first assignment is to protect an innocent family of four. This new position comes with some unexpected challenges. Before long, Alex is faced with an obsessed cartel leader and his frighteningly violent number two. She also finds herself on a collision course with a terrifying half-Chinese, half-Arab female assassin with an ever-growing body count. And that’s just the beginning. Soon, a brilliant cybercriminal begins emptying bank accounts and ending lives. Somehow, all of this is connected – but how? The clock is ticking for Alex and the Marshals. This mysterious thriller filled with murder, heists, and action provides enough twists and turns to keep you turning pages in a frantic search for answers. No one knows who’s pulling the strings or whose string will get clipped next. One thing’s for sure: Alex’s dream job has become a nightmare. Now, she wondered. What would she have to become to stop these monsters? That was the question that scared Alex the most.

Book excerpt

. . . The staggered, blond frat bro’s eyes widened. He pretended that he was surprised, but . . . Alex knew. She knew all too well what this was. The guy wanted to provoke Richard, to embarrass him. It would be four against one if Richard stood up for her. Alex was getting angry. “Excuse me?” the staggered, blond frat bro said. “Are you talking to me, tough guy?” The pr**k did his best to stand upright and oh-so proud. “Look,” Richard said, “We’re not looking for any trouble. We’re just finishing our meal, and we’ll be on our way. Ok?” Richard was doing all he could. He was handling things just right. But Alex knew. It didn’t matter. This punk thinks he sees weakness, and he would keep pushing and keep taunting Richard until something bad happened. Alex was having a good time and, unexpectedly, connecting with a nice guy. Now, this little pr**k was going to ruin it. “Oh, you’ll be on your way all right.” The staggered, blond frat bro leaned forward toward Richard. He set his beer on the table, put both palms on the table, and leaned in. “You wanna’ step outside, tough guy? Huh?” That was it. Alex had had enough of this a**hole. With her right hand, she reached for the staggered, blond frat bro’s right hand. She grabbed his wrist tightly and pulled hard as she rose to her feet. She pulled his arm so hard that he began falling forward. Before he could react, Alex was on her feet, and her left hand was on the back of his neck. She continued to pull with her right arm and push downward with her left hand. The staggered, blond frat bro’s face slammed into Richard’s rocky road ice cream with a loud crash. Before he even knew anything had happened, the staggered, blond frat bro was on his knees, ice cream all over his face, with his right arm twisted up behind his back in a most painful way. He began to whimper. “Yo, bi**h,” one of the other frat bros said. “What the hell? Let him go.” “Stay back,” Alex warned. By this time, everyone was watching what was happening. There were two large bouncers at the door. They had just begun their shift when the commotion started. As they made their way toward Alex, she told the staggered, blond frat boy to tell his friends to stay back. “Tell them,” she said. She lifted his arm higher. He squealed. “Stay back! Stay back!” The bouncers arrived. . .

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