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Sonnets From Suburbia: More Candles Than Cake

Sonnets From Suburbia: More Candles Than Cake


Penny Peyser

Author Bio

Penny Peyser is an actress/writer/documentary filmmaker best known for “Rich Man, Poor Man”, “All the President’s Men”, “The Tony Randall Show”, “The Frisco Kid”, “Crazy Like A Fox”, and “Knots Landing”. She wrote, produced and directed the award-winning feature documentary “Trying to Get Good: The Jazz Odyssey of Jack Sheldon” with husband Doug McIntyre and apparently needing some quiet time, Penny also wrote, directed and produced “Stillpoint”, an intimate look inside a northern Californian Zen meditation center. (Both films available on Vimeo). Lady Penelope and her obsession with iambic pentameter has appeared onstage and can be viewed at She is a 2018 winner of the Maria Faust Sonnet Contest and. her work has been published in “Defenestration”, “Blood and Bourbon”, “Chantwood Magazine” and “Rat’s Ass Review” (yes there is such a publication” among others. She makes pizzas every Friday night, entertains two grandsons and tries to stop the cats from climbing the curtains. Favorite Yoga pose: Warrior Two. Consider yourself warned. @penpeyser


“Thoughtful, moving and very funny sonnets. I enjoyed them immensely”. – Alan Arkin, Author & Oscar winning actor If Shakespeare was a lady… Sonnets from Suburbia features Lady Penelope (aka actress Penny Peyser) serving up a funny take on modern day life in Shakespearean sonnet form. From the foibles of friendship, to romantic relationships gone awry, to aging bodies that misbehave, to the woes of social media and confounding familial tussles, she has the uncanny ability to make us smile out loud and chuckle with recognition. This is definitely one of those books for when you need a good laugh. The clever, compassionate sonnets inside this book make a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day and are sure to delight women over 40 (all female readers actually) and the men who love them. Think Shakespeare at the mall. For fans of Judith Viorst, Amy Sedaris and Dorothy Parker. Sonnets from Suburbia is long-time actress Penny Peyser’s first foray into poetry and sonnets, and she couldn’t be more thrilled about th

Book excerpt

Do Not Compare Me to a Summer’s Day Do not compare me to a summer’s day. For hot and sweaty shines the heaven’s sun, and prematurely hastens my decay; Deep trenches in my brow have me undone. Do not tell me to look into my glass which shows my forty winter’s work and more. How darest thou comment on my fallen ass! You’re lucky I’m not showing you the door. ‘t is not fair I am elder than you are; that you behold time’s furrows on my face and make remarks that set my jaw ajar. My dear, I wish I could gallop apace! You’ve mentioned how my form doth wax and wane. Say that again, I well may cause you pain!


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